Recommendations Needed: iPod + Trance
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Dec 7, 2006
First off I'd like to say I admire what you guys do here. If I had more money, I would definitely purchase an 80 gig iPod (so I could keep everything top bitrate) and get some nice cans + amp.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money. I am looking to spend under $100 dollars here. Let me give you some information to help you:

*Listen to mostly Trance+Techno music
*Encode most things 192-256 kb/s MP3
*Not looking for something that goes in the ear
*Under $100
*No Amp
*iPod provides 32 Ohm Impedance and 60 mW power output

There are 5 cans that I have been looking into:

*Grado SR 60
*Grado SR 80
*Sennheiser HD 280
*Sennheiser HD 555
*Alessandro MS1

I got conflicting reports on everything but the 60 on whether these cans should get an Amp for use with an iPod. If you guys could shed some light on what you think of the above 5 cans and my situation, that would be nice. If you have other recommendations, please by all means let me know them.

Much thanks in advance guys.
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For the music that you listen to is AKG K81DJ are the winner, without a doubt. I do listen to Trance/Club music as well and so far they are the best, for portable.
All those Grado's don't have enough punch in bass territory and that's what you need with TRANCE.
In this situation you can buy an portable amp as well, PA2V2 is an good entry choice.
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For trance, only think about the AKG k81dj or the Senns: Grados just don't have enough bass.....only genres that the SR60s are great at are techno and metal IMO.

It seems that some people have run into troubles with the PA2V2 being a wee bit too warm, so a LDM is something else to consider (it's supposed to have better synergy with Senns, so I imagine the same would hold true for the k81djs)
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I'm a trance fan, and on your budget you won't go wrong with the AKG 81DJ phones.
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AKG K81DJ ftw bro.

The grado/allesandro cans will NOT satisfy your needs.
The Sennheiser HD555 is open and might not have the bassy punch you want.
And the HD280's are uncomfortable after a while from what I hear.
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You should also consider iGrados - I actually prefer them for electronica (house and drum and bass mostly) over my more expensive Grados (SR225) and they are better for portable use than either of the headphones on your list - as long as you don't mind streetstyle headphones that is.

One caveat: iGrados sound pretty average with original pads, IMO, so in order to make them sound their best you'd need to use some other pads (I use pads from my old PX100s, for example) or cut holes in the original pads. If you do a search for iGrado you should find more info about this, if you're interested.

I would advise against HD280 Pros - they are an OK sounding headphone at best (IMO) and not at all portable.
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i wouldn't pick grados either. you want something with bass and a big soundstage. consider some sennheiser options, although the way everyone's talking about the akg's must mean they know something.
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Thanks for the recommendations guys, I really appreciate it (quite timely too). You guys definitely have a lot more experience with cans then I do, and a lot of you are recommending the same Can so I have decided to go with the AKG K81DJ (unless someone interjects with a better idea). I did some research online and found the lowest price to be about $70. If there is a lower price to be found, please do let me know about it. Also, any recommendations on where to buy them from? Thanks again guys.
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Be sure to try removing the foam disc thats under the pads. You can pinch it away with your finger nails. Opens the highs nicely and tightens the bass a bit. If you like more bass and softer highs, you can squeeze the disc back in place.
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i find fewer and fewer days that i can go without listening to trance, it has been 5 years of straight paul van dyk, okenfold asot etc etc. they k81dj serve loads of bass but not as detailed as some other ones. i loved them but have to say that bass only for trance does not serve up some of the great high frequencies that come with progressive melodies in trance... but, they are good and for the price i would say they are good.

if you ever get a chance and money to try out a more resolving pair with trance, you may like the effect. no headphone will reproduce the body slam and euphoria of being in the club, but... get something that can scream in the top and bottom and head-trance becomes pretty bliss.

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