Recommendations for rock headphones
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May 2, 2015
I'm looking for the best headphones for alternative rock such as green day, paramore, the killers, panic at the disco, all American rejects, blink 182, billy talent, cage the elephant, etc. I can spend up to $350 on these headphones and please keep the recommendations to headphones that are over ear cause on ear is extremely uncomfortable to me and they also must be open back. All recommendations are appreciated, also I do not need amp or dac recommendations just headphone recommendations. Also I have the magni 2 amp and the modi 2 dac if that helps with any recommendations.
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Sep 28, 2014
To recommend you the right headphones I need a bit more information. Do you prefer a neutral sound, more bass or do you like forward treble? Maybe both forward bass and treble? What headphones do you own / have you owned? What did you like / dislike about them?
Based on my personal experience and preferences I'd recommend you look on the second hand market for a Stax SRS-2020 system. That system works great with alternative rock. It all sounds very natural, you can clearly tell the instruments apart (it's not a jumbled mess) and the soundstage is both wide and deep. I think $300 should be enough to get this system, but it's not for sale that often.
Other very good headphones that can be found more easily: Sennheiser HD600, HiFiMan HE-400, Beyerdynamic DT880 (you might like the DT990 better, but that depends on personal preference).

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