Recommendations for phone x mp3 player
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Oct 17, 2008
I'm looking for a device to replace my iPod and my cell phone so I don't have to carry both. I just carry a cell phone for emergencies and the music player function is more important to me than the phone itself. The ability to run apps, games, NES emulators, etc. would be nice too. The iPhone seems like the obvious choice, but I'm kind of unhappy with the closed, proprietary nature of Apple products, being forced to use iTunes, and the non-user replaceable batteries. The T-Mobile G1 looks interesting with its Linux based OS. Are there any other good iPhone-like phones worth considering? Does anyone here have an iPhone and are you happy with it?
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Jun 18, 2008
I run the iphone as my primary portable player it sounds really great with my SE530 straight out of the HP out; its one of the best sounding apple players ever made IMO unamped; and when you add a pico or other good amp and good cables, them wow it really sounds wonderful and plus it means you dont have to carry 2 things around with you all the time. . I also have a DIYMODDED 5.5g ipod that I use as my second portable; it does sound better but so it should with all the time/money i've spent on modding it. plus if you really want to break the ties with the apple store and itunes; which really isn't too much of a worry really, you can jailbreak it and run anything you want on it. IMO its the best of these type of devices; the email client is pretty seamless with my home email, texting is an absolute breeze and the mobile version of safari is really well implemented. I cant recommend it enough as a device. sure there might be better phones out there, might be better players out there, might be better cameras out there; but for something that does it all quite well there really isn't any competitors. you will get people bashing it just like the ipod but the simple facts are that its this popular for a reason and its not marketing.

hope this helps

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