Recommendations for people asking you about earphones $15-30, up to $50ish
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Sep 17, 2006
Hi, I have had quite a few friends asking about recommendations about cheap portable earphones. I don't know too much, but I've seen recommendations with the KSC-75. Then they say it's too big on the ears, or too much sound leaks out. So they're looking for more of the earbud or IEM type of earphone. All I know are higher mid-range ends of Shures, Ultimate Ears and Etymotics, but those just seem out of the price range for them.

Most people are asking more in the price range of $15-$30, some even up to $50ish. What do you guys recommend?
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Sennheiser CX-300 aren't bad - a little dark sounding for my tastes. I like them better than JVC Marshmallows, which seemed very thin sounding to me. It will be interesting to see what people think of the Klipsch S2 when they are released.
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Soundmagic PL11, PL20, etc.

Yes, our SoundMAGIC earphone can fit the requirement. PL11, PL12, PL30.. please search the related reviews in the forum. Hope you can find the suitable one soon.
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If you don't need isolation, PK3's are definitely the best value @ $39.

However, if isolation is necessary.. the top choices would be the NE-7M, RE2, PL-50, or ADDIEM.
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Us the search function and type "IEMs under $50". This will give you more opinions than you can shake with your post here and people don't have to answer the same question over and over. And you can let your friends decide where they want to use them, types of music, etc., based on what you read in these posts.

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