Recommendations for office listening
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 16, 2015
Long term lurker - new poster.
I am anti-social. There I said it.   While working I prefer to put on my headphones and ignore outside distractions.
My current setup is:
HTC One m9 phone with a 64gb card for flac files.
Neutron or Poweramp as player most of the time.
Topping NX1 amp
Audio Technica ANC-23  or Beyerdynamics DT 660s
Things I already know:
1.) I don't need the amp with The ANCs
2.) The 660s blow away the ANCs
3.) The 660s annoy the boss as they are just too large and obvious that I am ignoring him.
So,  I am looking for an in-ear that sounds as good as the 660s in the $100-150 range if possible.
I am looking at
Shure 215
Westone Beta
Sony XBA-H3
I listen to mostly classic rock (Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix) and blues (John Lee Hooker, BB, Muddy Waters, Robert Randolph).
If it isn't enough better than the ANC23s to be worth it, please tell me as much but I'd love to be able to get the sound of the big headphones in an in-ear design within my price range.
Ideas, thoughts, suggestions?
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With in-ears I started out with the SE215 and loved it...even when I got the SE535 later on, I kept grabbing for the 215...eventually gave it to my brother
Don't know about the XBA-H3, but I have the XBA-Z5 and although it looks a bit silly sticking out of the ears, it sounds great (massive bass)

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