Recommendations for new headphones from Klipsch S4i
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New Head-Fier
Jun 23, 2015
My first 'serious' pair of headphones was the Klipsch S4i and I have been using it for almost two years. No matter how much I 'babied' it, the product has been degrading. The cover of the drivers are starting to come off and I think it's time to start thinking of a replacement. However, I need some suggestions! I think the sound signature of the S4i was perfect for me. The bass isn't very heavy, but still existing. The instrument separation is so great that I could distinguish the variety of instruments being played and hear the clear highs and mids. A simple solution would be to buy another S4i (now that they cost less), but I would like to explore more. I am open-minded and I would like to try different sound signatures. However at the same time, I do not want to experience a dramatically different signature. For instance, I was thinking about the new Klipsch R6. However, I heard that it is very bass heavy and the highs are muddled. I am looking for something that has as sound signature similar to the Klipsch S4i, but a little different. My budget is around $100, but I will be willing to spend a little more. I know I am asking a bit too much and any suggestions will be helpful.

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