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Recommendations for in-ears. I want the best for 5-600$. Have had Ety ER-4P in the past...

  1. master83
    Hi. Been inactive on the head-fi forum for a couple of years now, but thought I´d check back here for suggestions on getting a serious in ear headphone (budget not over 5-600$ :) ).
    A little history...
    I had a pair of Ety ER-4P like five years ago, but had to sell them due to low cash flow in my student days :wink:... As I remembered, I liked the sound from them, and I am thinking of getting them a second time. But, before ordering them, I wanted to check with you guys if you would recommend me otherwise. Something must have improved these last years... ?
    My source is a iPhone 3Gs or MacBook Pro directly (no amp). I listen to alternative rock, melodic rock, progressive rock like Porcupine Tree, Muse, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd etc. I like a good bass punch, and a lot of soundstage (I love my Koss PortaPros) But I want a headphone that is suitable for all kinds of music, but more aimed at the rock side than the rap/ hip hop side.
    I got the MONSTER Dre Beats Tour for my birthday but I must say I don´t like them very much. I get a perfect seal, and there is a lot of bass, but the highs seems so cut off and the clarity is bad and soundstage is too narrow for my taste. After reading here I understand that I am not the only one that have that impression...
    So what would you recommend me? This time they are for keeping (until they break) and I might consider getting custom fit plugs.
  2. porfryrieggwo
    You can get a lot better than the Dre Beats for a lot less than 5-600$. I found the  UE Super.Fi 5 Pros to have awesome treble and bass. I'm looking to upgrade to the Triple.Fi 10 Pros which have great reviews on this forum. My only gripe is their large size sticking out of the ear.
  3. a_recording
    Welcome back Master :3
    Have a look through this thread for some ideas: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-130-iems-compared-monster-beats-tour-lil-jamz-added-12-29
    A lot of top tier models compared there.
    Given your budget I would go for the SM3's. I'm trying not to do the usual thing where I rave about every new purchase I make, but I just bought the SM3's and they are fantastic. Amazing attack speed, decay, instrument separation, and better yet apparently they don't need an amp to shine. (I'm listening to them out of my iPhone 4 right now.)
    Given how atmospheric some prog rock is, its really nice that the SM3's have this strange way of enveloping you into the music.
  4. yooss
    How about getting yourself a pair of customs?
  5. u238


    I agree.  No universal can match the level of comfort and ease of insertion custom monitors can provide.
  6. master83
    a_recording: Thanks! [​IMG] Wow, that is a great post! I have to look into that further... The SM3 looked great.. But how would they compare to the IE8 for example?
    yooss: Ok. Any recommendations for how and what kind? Keep in mind, I live in Norway and we don´t have a lot of custom head-fi shops over here...
  7. 2162
    Westone 4 $US 449

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