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Recommendations for IEMs for electronic music (mostly EDM) ~$200 Budget

  1. APerson1
    I'm looking for recommendations for IEMs. I listen to electronic music, mostly EDM. I have a budget of ~$200.

    I am unfamiliar with this field and all help is greatly appreciated.

  2. AccCreate
    Well, I'm just a standard listener so uhmm... (so take my words with a grain of salt)
    It seems that people in head-fi seems to in the 100-200 range suggest (in no particular order):
    1. Zero Audio Duoza (The new rave in head-fi. Apparently better than EPH 100 in just about every aspect except for size (it looks like a giant USB on both sides) and just as good as EPH 100 in trance)
    2. GR 07 BE (Apparently for price (around 99-120$), it is one of the clearest IEM for the price but I heard it might sound boring from time to time cause no bass pretty much)
    3. EPH 100 (I have this! Sound is a bit trebled than some others and the cymbals are a bit weirdly sounded. Treble is kind of smooth so it feels like a roll out version at the top (you won't get much if not any "hss" sounds at the top)) -Bass is apparently strongest out of the rest here-
    **EPH 100 is known to be one of the best "trance" music type which I dont listen to so  .. ehh
    **From experience, EPH 100 sounds weird with Rock cause the whole IEM makes music sound smooth
    **EPH 100 has a weird soundstage that is only horizontal.
    4. HiFi re-400 (Cheapest out of the rest and apparently has the best "clarity" after GR 07 BE in this list. Bass isn't strong but apparently it has good "quality")
    5. ATH CKR 9 (Probably best overall in this whole list. Actually, since I have no clue (I only own EPH 100), until anyone else replies, I'm going to say straight out that in head-fi, these are probably one of the best IEM overall in clarity)
    6. ATH-IM70 (Well... if you can't afford the above one I guess. I heard it's still overall better than GR 07, EPH 100, RE-400 in clarity)
    Take my words with a grain of salt :)
    I'm just giving a broad list of "most talked" IEM in head-fi for this price range.
    Overall, I hear...
    ATH CKR 9 > Zero Audio Duoza > ATH IM 70 > GR 07 > EPH 100 > HiFi RE-400
    But then again, I am not sure of electronic music since I only have the EPH 100 so uhmm... srry :p
    Btw, these in the lists are all FANTASTIC IEMs, anyone of them would be a thumbs up from what I hear.
  3. Strauss95
    My GR07 BE's have fantastic bass. Not basshead level, but still very prominent. My three suggestions...
    VSonic GR07 BE
    Yamaha EPH-100
    Dunu DN-1000
    If it was my pick, I'd chose the DN-1000's. 
  4. AccCreate
    All these IEM listed I believe are super fantastic deals
    Although I do hear that for DN 1000, to get the best bang for the buck, you will need to buy the eartip separately (http://www.head-fi.org/t/727286/review-and-comparison-of-dunu-dn-1000-dn-2000-jvc-ha-fx850)
    Remember, each IEM has their strengths and weakness
    For example, the EPH 100 has wonderful noise isolation
    ATH CKR 9 I heard has not so great isolation and leaks out sound in general after 30% volume.
    The Duoza is like a huge chocolate bar on both sides of ear.
    DN 1000 needs an external eartip to get the appreciable sound quality
    etc. etc.
    Go do some digging with the listed IEM on head fi ^^
    Just google "EPH 100 headfi" or "DN 1000 headfi" and so on.
    If you are upgrading from Apple Earbuds or urBeats or SkullCandy, the difference in sound quality should be enormous. However, if you don't come from that background, the difference should be a lot more subtle ^^
    btw, once u get an IEM, make sure to test it out for a week. You're brain has to tune in with the sound quality of those IEM before you get the quality sound those IEM are meant to provide and MAKE sure that you test out all the tips given.
    Every tips should make the sound a bit different from each other or at least that was my experience :)
  5. Strauss95
    For me the stock tips worked great. Everyone's ear canal is shaped differently so results will vary as to which tip fits the best. 
  6. ZapX629
    Two things here. First, the isolation is just fine. I haven't noticed any leaks at listening volumes, nor does anyone around me. Secondly, if you listen to the CKR9 at more than 30% volume, you're damaging your ears. The upper mid and treble are bright and clear as well as the IEM being extremely sensitive, so you don't want to listen that high. Having said that, it is a great IEM, and definitely my favorite under $200. It depends on how much bass you need (they have less mid bass and more sub bass, with some of the best quality bass I've ever heard), but I find they do fine with EDM. If you're a big basshead, you might like something else. 
  7. APerson1
    Thanks for all the great information.

    I'll take a look into those.

    Yup, I'm upgrading from Apple EarPods.
  8. AccCreate
    Have you picked urself an earphone (cough cough..I meant IEM**) yet? :)
    Hint hint :p..... If you are still stuck, this general comparison is very helpful ^^.
    ^_^ Tell us what you pick if you decide to do so.
    I'm sure everyone here would be very interested. xD
    Just a quick warning though: if you have glasses, over-the-ears like GR 07, ATH IM70 could be ...very annoying (at least for me, my left ear pains due to thick glasses)
    And know that known companies like Beats and Bose provide very poor sound quality for their respective price. Ya.. I was super surprised when the Xiaomi Piston 2, Soundmagic E30, and even the Sennheiser CX 300 ii (which was no offense.. a major mistake by me though these are still my to go due to its asymmetric cord nature -.-) was leaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees over those $120 Bose and urbeats.
    So, if you are ever hesitant between a Bose, Sols, Beats, SkullCandy, or whatnot due to their 'popularity,' know that there are literally forum members here that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on IEM/headphones. I'm sure they all know what they are talking about :3
    <In fact, there are members that even decided to rank IEMs they tried http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/
    Of course this list is a bit outdated because they don't include the more recent fantastic IEMs like CKR 9, Duoza, IM 70 which are all supposed to at least sound quality wise, be a class above the GR 07/EPH 100/Re-400
    And know that price doesn't mean anything: http://www.head-fi.org/t/746615/59-iem-brief-review-thread-incl-aaw-w300-jha-angie-jha-layla-cleartune-ct-500
    In fact some of the IEMs listed here like the CKR 9 can easily hold its ground against some 1000 dollar IEMs. (and the fact that each IEM have their own distinctive sound that 'matches' to you personally)
    Btw, I will give you a very biased opinion right now which I shouldn't.
    If you are literally stuck, go by the 'general overall' ranking in head-fi that I posted (from highest to lowest and see which one you would prefer after research).
    I mean like... I'm sure you listen to all kinds of genres at the end of the day :) and if you can't test them...  it's usually better to follow what the veterans say.
    Plus, you got like nothing to lose. All those 6 IEMs are one of the best in the world for their price range. You would easily be listening to high class music  (well, not like the JH 13 level but still..).
    In fact, the EPH 100 I have currently sound like... bawss (which I got just a bit over a month ago). And I already ordered myself the CKR 9LTD after the recent rave.
    /Sound difference is there. And it's only people who have actually heard it that know. I used to be one of those snotty brats that thought paying over 5$ was waste until like a bit over half a year ago.
    So ya, if you are suddenly tempted by those Sols, Bose, Beats or whatever earphone or headphone they are...
    know that these are IEMs that's been tested by super addicted listeners who literally collect HUNDREDS of earphones all around the world including those that costs thousands.
    And don't worry if those Amazon reviews are much lower than Beats or Bose... it's cause those who buy these IEMs are actual listeners who are like... critical of everything.
  9. APerson1

    Not yet.
  10. blanemurphy

    For under 200 you should most definitely grab the Yamaha EPH 100 which is 130. Its absolutely fantastic for the price. Seriously you will not be disappointed. You will hear every little detail in edm. Also I've heard the Dunu DN 1000 is even better and its $190. I haven't tried it yet because I'm so happy with the Yamaha's. There is a really really long appreciation thread on this site for the Yamaha's where it is considered the best for trance and house music tons of times. For the sound quality and great wide soundstage you get with the Yamaha fr 130 its a no brainer. Also you will be very hard pressed to find a review about them that isn't totally praising them. They really are stellar for the price.
  11. AccCreate
    I don't know man.
    Ever since I got my CKR 9LTD, I fell in love with it.
    Compared to CKR 9LTD, the Yamaha EPH 100 actually feel like a rip off.
    (Not saying the EPH 100 is bad. I still use it for my "go to " earphones. Oh the isolation and the lightness with solid high quality sound = best "overall" IEM you can get under 200 as the comfort is like O.O!!!
    <the CKR 9LTD costs a bit more than 200 but still...the regular CKR9 I expect is just as great it's around EPH 100 price >
    Anyways, guessing that the user hasn't responded or isn't active, I guess he musta decided that 200 dollar was too much to spend as an IEM.
    It completely makes sense.
    Anyways, if you are still receiving the Head-fi e-mails and you aren't confident in spending much for earphones..
    I highly suggest the Zero Audio Tenores. It's only like 35 bucks and it should be one of the best under 100. It's almost like the EPH 100. Splendid earphone for price :)
    Or you always go with Xiaomi Piston 3 for like 25 bucks on some sites! :)
    Note that those 2 earphones I must admit sound more like solid 80 dollar earphones. :wink:
    And of course once you hear those...you will slowly become an audio addict like us :p
  12. APerson1
    I've been busy. ;p

    I have yet to decide on what to get. I was leaning towards the DN-1000s but thought the weight might be an issue. So, decisions still must be made. But that is alright, I'm not in a hurry. :wink:
  13. APerson1
    So the CKR9 vs the EPH 100, any opinions on which is more comfortable to have in your ears for longer durations? What about noise isolation?


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