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Recommendations for Full-Sized *Open* Headphones for Drum and Bass

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by shankasoarusrex, Oct 23, 2012.
  1. ShankasoarusREX
    Hey Head-Fi!! I'm sort of new to high quality audio and head gear. I'm looking for a reasonably priced (~$75-100) set of headphones for some true audio appreciation. I'm learning more about lossless files and on my cheap $10 sony headphones I know there is no way I am getting anything next to quality audio. I will be listening mostly at my desk so portability isn't a huge issue, but not too large. I'm mostly into chill drum and bass and jazz. I would love a pair of headphones I could use to really, really get the most out of my listening experience. Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

    Edit: I'm looking into the Superlux HD668B, per recommendation of NA Blur!


  2. NA Blur
    1.)  Superlux HD668B @ $50 or less
    2.)  Sony MDR-XB500 @ $70 or less
    3.)  Sennheiser HD 449 @ $120 or less
    The Sony has the most bass, the Superlux being the most neutral sounding, and the HD 449 sounding slightly neutral with a definite loss of treble.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What will you be plugging the headphones into?
  4. ShankasoarusREX
    As of right now into my laptop using either iTunes on my laptop's on-board soundcard, but the Behringer UCA202 is next on my wish list. I've heard great things about it both hear and around other forums/audiophiles. Any suggestions for audio interfaces? (Alternatives to iTunes)
  5. wolfetan44
    FooBar 2000.
  6. ShankasoarusREX
    Thank you very much for your input! I'll keep your recommendations in mind
  7. Supertoaster
    I recommend the Superlux HD681  + AKG 240 Velour Pads over the 668b. 
    Compared to the 668b it's more enjoyable to listen to and is cheaper. A bit more comfy too.

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