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Recommendations for electronic music / glasses wearer

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by unclemanuel, Jan 13, 2013.
  1. UncleManuel
    First post on this forum, it's a bit confusing here (and I accidently deleted my avatar picture...[​IMG] ). But now the important stuff:
    What I have:
    -sources: iPod nano RED 16GB (6th generation), Creative ZEN 100 32GB, Samsung Galaxy Note, Asus Transformer TF-300T
    -headphones in-ear: Sony MDR-AS40EX, Sennheiser CX-300 II
    -headphones over-ear: Sony MDR-V700 DJ
    -glasses [​IMG]
    What I've done:
    Searching the internet for 3 days straight - my head is smoking! [​IMG]
    What I want:
    -A good deep sound with electronic music (techno, house, dubstep), but not a punchy bass at all costs. Primarily on mobile devices (mostly the Asus Transformer, so no need for an amp needed).
    -Comfortable headphones, especially with glasses. I'm talking about some hours weartime straight.
    -Closed type with some decent isolation.
    -Removeable cable would be nice.
    I'm testing my 11-year-old (rarely used) Sony MDR-V700 DJ right now and it's a comfort thing - the pads are too shallow and my ears hurt after a while (being pushed against the ear clips of my glasses and the eartips against the padding). My ears does'nt stick out or are huge but they still do hurt. In case of sound the V700 does'nt sound much better than the MDR-AS40EX - but they do get pretty LOUD... [​IMG] :wink:
    What I tend to:
    -V-Moda M-100
    -Audio Technica ATH Pro700 Mk2
    -Audio Technica ATH-A700
    -Audio Technica ATH-A900X
    -AKG K-550
    -Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro-80
    -Beyerdynamic T70p
    -Sennheiser Momentum
    (So I guess the ATH Pro700 Mk2 is mostly alike the MDR-V700? Round and relatively shallow pads, similar size, same intended use...)
    So what do you guys think? 
  2. jronan2
    If you can find a pair of denons get those. Denon D2000, D5000, D7000, which ever you can afford. Closed, perfect for edm, and extremely comfortable. Hits every base except removable cable. 
  3. MadMolly
    I love my Denon D5000.  Awesome for edm.  If you cant get a pair of Denon's, I often see the Mr Speaker Mad Dogs recommended for a similar sound.  Maybe Mal will see this thread and comment more on them :)
  4. UncleManuel
    Hi there!
    Uh, the Denons was'nt on my radar at all. I'll take a closer look. Thanks... [​IMG]
  5. risenfallen
    Ultrasone HFI-780 or Ultrasone PRO 900 if removable cable is a must. I like the bass on D2000 but still feel Ultrasones work better with electronic music. Be warned that these Ultrasones clamp your head pretty tightly but I can wear them >2hrs with glasses on without problems (it depends on your head's shape).
  6. jronan2
    Ultrasone Pro 900 is one of the worst headphones I ever heard. Completely over rated. Just my opinions though.
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  7. mistarobotics
    The V-MODA M-100's do pretty good with EDM, but require burn in time. Also the ear pads are too small for some so if you we're to get it you should probably wait until the XL ear pads come out.
  8. devhen
    My recommendation for glasses wearers: get headphones with velour ear pads. In fact I recommend velour for everyone because personally I can't stand the sweatiness and stickiness that is bound to occur at some point with leather or pleather pads, particularly when you wear them for extended amounts of time which you obviously will be doing. Velour pads are more comfortable and more breathable and tend to do a better job of preventing your glasses from breaking the headphone's seal thus generally improving isolation over leather/pleather pads.
    I have the Ultrasone PRO 750 which has velour pads and isolates pretty decently while remaining very comfortable for glasses wearers and should work pretty well for your needs and genres.
  9. obobskivich
    T70 and K550 need to come off your list (T70 especially, especially for what they cost too) - won't provide good bass response (the T70 are very, very thin, and have clashy treble - they're a nightmare with EDM). :xf_eek:

    I don't understand your "no punchy bass at all costs" point though - what are you trying to say?

    On the rest - I haven't heard the closed Ultrasones, but the open-back HFI-2400 or PRO2900 were going to be my suggestion (They aren't now, because you said these have to be mobile); they're comfortable imho, but I don't wear glasses. My first 2900 were insanely clampy (like I had a non-stop headache for the week I had them), but the replacement set are relatively loose and fit very well; my 2400s were relatively loose. I think it's hit or miss if you get an over-tight headband basically. From what I understand, the PRO750 and PRO900 should fit about the same, but I don't know if they'll sound about the same or not. They should at least be comfy though.

    Other headphones I'd consider (again, I'm not a glasses wearer, so for all I know I'm giving you really bad advice) would be the Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9, and the Bose AE2. Both are relatively smooth and refined, very comfortable and light, neither is very clampy, the Bose has a removable cable. I don't know if either would be comfortable or not comfortable with glasses though. :xf_eek:
  10. keuller
    I'm curious what your going to end up with because I'm in a very similar boat.
    Just trying to find a nice pair of headphones I can wear with my glasses for hours on end (with plenty of bass).
  11. seag33k
    I have a pair of Klipsch Image One's that over ear headphones.  I use them with my PC and iPad.  They sound fairly good but are uncomfortable for longer listening periods.  I just purchased the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and the FiiO E17.  These are much more comfortable and don't seem to bother my glasses.  I will have to try the velour ear pads eventually.  So far I am satisfied with the sound quality and really enjoy listening to some of my older music!

    Good luck!

  12. Blackshadow
    I second devhen's opinion on velour pads.  I have three headphones (Grado, ATM, and Beyer) and the Beyer DT 250 are the most comfortable for extended use. 
    Also consider bending the metal part of the headband slightly to reduce clamping force.  My Grado 225 were almost unwearable until I did a little bit of bending to flatten out the curve.  Now I can wear them comfortably for a few hours.
  13. UncleManuel

    So I decided to get the M-100. And so far it was the right desicion... :cool:



    Clamping force is noticeably but I got to test the comfort next week for more than 20 minutes. The leather pads are very soft so I got no problem with my glasses. Environment muffling isn't as good as with in-ears but it'll do. Far better than with my Sony MDR-V700... :wink:

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