Recommendations for DAP and iems please

  1. dimmockg
    Hey all, I'm in the position and in the market to purchase a nice little portable music set up, budget depending I can afford a dap and iems and was after some recommendations based on my requirements. Here are a few desires...

    First and foremost it must do gapless - most important as a lot of my music is mixed DJ/album EDM music
    WiFi (for streaming from a nas) would be a nice to have
    Most have BT these days

    Budget up to £250

    Ideally a good match for the DAP and EDM, would (if possible) have flexibility of being worn over ear or down. But not a deal breaker

    I've had Yamaha eph100 and Dunu 1k before - liked both

    Was thinking perhaps ibasso it01, one more triple, final e400(or similar)

    Budget up to £150 or more if less spent in a dap

    Any ideas at all?
  2. dimmockg
  3. kukkurovaca
    IT01 is a great value. Very nice bass, in particular, but some (including me) are not in love with the mids. But for the price, very good all-round performance.

    Others in the same category that are getting good reviews/feedback include Anew U1, TFZ Queen, TFZ Secret Garden. BGVP DMG and DM6 are the new hypeness. I haven't heard any of these, but may be worth checking reviews of any/all of them.

    Those are all over-ear. For wearing down, you might also look at the Periodic lineup, Tinaudio T2.

    A dark horse option that might or might not be relevant for you is the Advanced GT3 Superbass. It's intended to be worn over-ear, but if you swap out the cables for ones without ear guides, it's pretty easy to wear down as well. (At least for my ears, YMMV.) The Superbass isn't necessarily a bass cannon, despite the name, it has really great mids. But it is quite dark and warm in tuning, so won't suit everyone.
  4. dimmockg
    Thanks for the very useful and informative info. Had a quick look into some of those mentioned and a couple certainly warrant further digging
  5. dimmockg

    Kind of leaning toward the queen or secret garden
  6. VAS07
    Fiio FH5 is one of the best sounding in this price range.
  7. dimmockg
    Thanks, I'll check it out
  8. dimmockg
    Thanks for all suggestions, was weighing up between the queens or DMG then an open box pair of ibasso it01 popped up on AMP3 for £53 - so snapped them up at that price

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