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Recommendations for Amp/DAC with *usable* volume control for sensitive IEMs

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by jffrynpmr, Jan 3, 2014.
  1. jffrynpmr
    Hey everyone. I do most of my listening on a laptop with some JH-16 IEMs and an RSA Predator. The thing that bugs me is that these are so sensitive that only about 10% of the volume control is even usable (yes on the low gain setting). It's basically 0-5% inaudible to some channel imbalance, 6-10% semi-sweet spot, 11%+ way too loud.
    Honestly, at this point I'd really just like to have a wider range of usable volumes. And sound quality, while obviously desirable, could come second. Anyone have some suggestions for dac/amps to try?
  2. thegunner100
    Maybe you can ask RSA to lower the gain for you? If that's not an option, I recommend trying the leckerton uha-6s mkii w/ ada4627-1b with -12dB gain. Or you could get the new uha760 w/ three gain settings and digital volume control. The uha-6s mkii works great with the UERMs.
  3. TwelveTrains
    Always have loved my Schiit Asgard 2 in low gain mode. Even with my most sensitive headphones. Nice potentiometer, with a nice gradual volume increase.
  4. ericr

    Bought an Asgard 2 a few days ago from another HF member and it is very nice with my IEMs.

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