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Recommendations for <$400 IEMs?

  1. jinque
    Hello, I'm looking for some new IEM.. what would you guys buy with up to $400? Personally I appreciate a nice soundstage, good bass, and durableness. I am using an iPod Touch out to an Fiio E7. Thanks.
  2. Marcus_C
  3. ZARIM
    If you want compelete portable setup then buy Nuforce Icon Mobile and Sennehiser IE8(both has good synergy)with your iPod Touch. Sennheiser IE8 has huge soundstage, deep punchy bass, good mids and good highs. Other options for great punchy bass, wide soundstage and overall clear presentation are like FX700, Sony EX1000, TF10Pro and SM3(they will work fine with E7). 
  4. jinque
    Currently for IEMs I have UE T-10s and HD650 cans as well. Think I would rather pass them on and get something new rather then replace the cables on the UE which is my biggest gripe about them. Nice chart.. think I'm interested in the IE8 and SM3. The both have great soundstage per the chart. Any reasons to get one over the other?
  5. IpodHappy
    Is there anything you want to change about the Triple.Fi 10's sound signature? 
    The IE8s have much more bass than the Triple.Fi 10s.  They have less sound isolation than your Triple.Fi 10s due to the bass port.  Their treble is not as extended as the Triple.Fi 10s.  You'll find them quite warm.
    The SM3s have more mids than the Triple.Fi 10s.  The SM3's ergonomics aren't perfect--the length between the drivers and Y split is about 5 cm too short and the driver housings are a bit large.
    ljokerl has a great thread comparing these and many other IEMs in great detail.
  6. Marcus_C


    Isolation for one, the sm3 is pretty good in that regard.
  7. jinque
    thanks... i'm leaning towards the IE-8s; i've liked what i've read here and from joker's review.

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