Recommendations for 2.54mm pitch film capacitors
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Mar 22, 2006
well, according to Digikeys search, they don't carry anything in this footprint... Mouser for some reason won't let me search by pitch, but I know they carry the Wima MKS02... anyways, what options are out there in this footprint for polyester / polypropylene caps?

Thanks in advance!
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Those (MKS02) are the only ones I could find in 2.5mm LS... I had thought that Epcos or Vishay had some that small also, but they're 5mm. If you can't find the Wima you need at Mouser, try TAW ELECTRONICS: Components For Your Board.

excellent find! they have the largest 1.0uF in stock. I'll wait around for any other recommends and then place an order. Anything else of note available from this company?
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They carry other lines, but I've never ordered anything other than Wimas from them. Kinda strange to deal with, as it is better to call them and maybe shoot them an email. Is this normal for California companies? Most of the ones I have either dealt with or attempted to seem to just run real strange? Almost like a flashback
But at any rate, when you do call them, they are really nice and helpful. The person I have dealt with is Laura (Laura AT tawelectronics DOT com).

ps: they also still have some of the discontinued stuff, like the polycarbonates (FPC series or MKC? can't remember which).

ps: Also, they still have stock on some of the discontinued Wimas, such as the polycarbonates (MKC? FPC? can't remember which series).
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Pars, do you know if Taw does international shipping and if they have a minimum order? I'd love to be able to get my hands on the Wima FKP 3 caps, but nobody seems to have them.
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I don't know for sure if they do international or not, but would assume they would via USPS. For US orders, they do not have a minimum order. Shoot Laura an email (see previous post) and see what she says...

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