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Recommendations - Buds / IEMs ~$300

  1. cranda58
    Hi everyone - been a long time reader and have dipped my toes in the water with a few headphones, IEMs, and amps. Looking for a good set of IEMs in the $300 range. I got a pair of GR07's a while back and I'm not sure if I just got a bad pair or what (purchased through Lend Me Ur Ears), but they are so sibilant and harsh at the high-end that I just don't enjoy using them and am now looking for something else.
    I will be running these through either a Fiio Olympus 2-E10K Amp/DAC (Desktop use), or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Fiio Alpen 2-E17K Amp/DAC (Mobile Use) a majority of the time.
    I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly rock, classic rock, d&b, some rap/hip-hop, and some classical / instrumental as well. I am looking for a good all-around set of IEMs that will make any type of music sound good.
    I really like IEMs that are designed to be worn over the back of the ear - they just seem to stay in place and fit better.
    I've been looking at the Fidue A83's, but would like to get some other information and opinions in the $300 range (able to go slightly higher if it means a significant upgrade) before I pull the trigger on anything. Open to all recommendations.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. cranda58
    bump - any replies would be very helpful!
  3. cranda58
    No one?
  4. Me x3
    You should consider DUNU DN-2000
    Best Luck!
  5. cranda58
    How would the DN-2000 compared to the Fidue A83 or T-Peos Altone 200?
    Would a Custom IEM be worth looking into or is that price increase not worth it?

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