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Dec 7, 2005
Hey guys, I currently own the Sennheiser HD 595s along with an amp that I purchased a year or so ago from a recommendation from this site. I love them and they sound amazing.

I just recently got a new job in NYC and it is about a 2 hour commute each way. So, I will be spending 4 hours on the train 3-5 days a week. I'm looking for some headphones to go along with my 30g Video Ipod. The sennheisers leak too much sound, so I'm scared to listen to my Ipod at any decent volume because I don't want to annoy others around me. I don't mind wearing the big full ear headphones, and I don't really like the small in-ear headphones. I also prefer something that will be driven fairly well from just the Ipod... if that exists.

I like to listen to rock music. My favorite bands include Coheed and Cambria, Rise Against, Sparta, Angels & Airwaves, Queens of the Stone Age.

I'm looking to spend around $150-200 from Amazon or an Ebay store... I think I payed around $170 for my 595s. The most I'm willing to pay is about 250-280 if they are really nice and fit perfect.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

- KC
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Apr 20, 2006
easy, HD25-II, ES7, D1000, or RP-21. Use the rest of the budget for a portable amp to improve SQ, if you can bring yourself to carry one. Search a bit, you'll see there are plenty of recent threads about just this question.
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Aug 10, 2007
I don't own any closed headphones, but there's a lot on the forum about them. I think skylab did a review of a number of sub $150 closed headphones. Search for posts by him.

I will say that your budget is pretty high for headphones that are going to be unamped. A lot of $150-200 phones suffer if they aren't amped.

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