Recommendation of an in ear with fun sig like vmoda wireless 2?
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Dec 25, 2011
Im looking for recommendation of an in ear with fun sound sig like vmoda wireless 2? I was thinking of getting the v moda forza, but I'm thinking maybe some chi fi might have something better? I tried the kz zs10 but I could not get a good fit, I think it's the way the wires go over ears causing me not to get a good seal, so I would like to stick with normal downward wire set up. I'm interested in multi drive, balance armature but not sure if I can get that fun, bouncy sound with that juicy thick bass, I don't like crazy highs I fatigue easy. I listen to hip hop, dance, edm, reggae. I'm using a hiby r3, note 8, and in future will be getting an r6.
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