Recommendation of amp for Ultrasone Pro 900
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Sep 3, 2009
Just bought this new cans to replace my old Sony 7506

I am currently using Audiotrak Prodigy Cube to drive the Pro 900, playing flac files from my desktop. However, I feel that the vocal is a bit grainy and the overall sound is a bit too warm for my tastes (I do miss the brighter 7506 sound).

Although I guess I need to wait the pro 900 to run-in, I am now very tempted to upgrade my amp system. Any good recommendation of amps below USD 500 and USD 1000? I listen to pop most of the time (~90%), and occasionally classic and Jazz (~10%).
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Oct 28, 2004
You have to burn them in like crazy before you get the final sound. Do that and get accustomed to them and you may get a better idea what kind of amp you would want for them
. You also just have to KeeS mod them to see which 900 you like the best. It should surely help with them being overly warm due to the bass boost. But as mentioned treble comes last in the burn in process.

I have had the Heed Canamp. Tended to use a lot of cotton wool on that amp. A lot of bass a bit to much for the 900 but could be nice for the K701 at times. Great soundstaging. Slee Solo. Not quite as deep in term of soundstage surely misses that but more detail and a bit richer sound since the soundstage is a tad smaller. Nothing really to complain about and it works excellent with all headphones I tried at it.

Next to try personally is the goldpoint headphone pro. You could also try different sources. Valab NOS DAC I had was really nice with classical. Just a great flow on it. Not that much low bass I suspect is the trick it pulled.

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