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Recommendation needed for bass oriented iem

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  1. rantrile
    Must have:
    Not over the ear
    Great bass and subbass that will tickle you to the shoulders, that will bring bass from songs that other iems don't do
    Iphone controls with mic
    Great overall sound quality

    Very desirable:
    Comfortably to wear
    Small, as to be able to listen in bed, occasionally sleeping on the side, with ear on the pillow
    Cable that won't get tangled easily
  2. rantrile
    No one can recommend anything?
  3. Kenny Ingram
    For me, there's two earphones that come to mind: MEElectronics M9P and M-Duo. There may be better options out there for you, (I really don't know), but I only feel comfortable recommending products that I've tried. Here's what I've found about the M9s: they're great in the bass department, as well as being all-round great sounding earphones. I'm a particularly big fan of the M9 Classics, which are also pretty new, but don't have an external volume control which is a requirement for you. They are very comfortable, though, and allow you to have your ear on a pillow while still being comfortable. 
    In terms with the M-Duo, basically a more bass-intensive earphone, and has been getting rave reviews everywhere, so there's not much I can add, but it does have a better cord than the M9Ps do, though. Again, I'm a much bigger fan of MEElectronics's signature cable, though (the one used on the M6s, M9s, ect...), which is braided and then coated in plastic. 
  4. rantrile
    Thanks, I'll read the reviews on m-duo. I would also like to add that I prefer bright signature, and in the bass department I value subbass. Would like to get an effect similar to subwoofer. I think I might have been interested in Hippo, but as I understand they come without remote and the cable cannot be switched.
    I just read the reviews, M-duo doesn't have volume controls on the remote. M9P doesn't have a specific subwoofer driver and seems too cheap - 20$. I really wonder if for such a price I can get great sound with clarity. Not that I would like to pay more that needed, but I would like to offer my ears an enjoyable experience.
  5. Kenny Ingram
    You've obviously never heard of MEElectronics if you're questioning their value for money. You would be surprised… :wink_face:
    rantrile likes this.
  6. ZMan2k2
    I'm always looking for bass heavy IEM's, and just bought some M-Duo's from Amazon.  They'll be here Tues. or Wed.  I'll let you know what I think of them, but the separate subwoofer and mid-high drivers in a metal IEM intrigues me.
  7. davidcotton
    If money no object then perhaps the stagediver sd3s might suit.  Failing that (or cheaper) how about the sennheiser ie80 range?
  8. Yummerzzz
    RHA T10i's with Bass filter, Dunu DN1K's, RHA MA750's, Sennheiser IE80's.
  9. monkeysixtysix
    +3 for the IE80's...
  10. Kenny Ingram
    Looking forward to your thoughts on them - and bass in particular.
  11. rantrile

    You are right. However, I took a look at the amazon feedbacks, more than half of the reviews are among the line: great sound for the buck, but they lasted just one months.
    I wish m-duo would have volume in the remote. They seem to be more what I'm looking for, seemingly without QC issues.
  12. rantrile

    How about remote for iphone? Or will I need to get a replacement cable? Will I be able to wear them wire down?
  13. monkeysixtysix
    Does not come with a remote for the iPhone but I have seen replacement cables on ebay that have a remote. The wires are over the ear. It was a little annoying at first, but I quickly got used to it...
  14. ZMan2k2
    Stupid UPS still hasn't picked up the package yet, so I'm expecting either Thurs. or Fri.  I'm also powering them with an X3, and being 16ohm, they'll be getting 540mW of power.  I'll turn the EQ off and turn the hardware bass down to start, but I'll let you know how it goes for sure.  I'm hoping for a feeling like the JVC SZ-1000/2000 over ear bass cannon headphones, but in an IEM style.  We'll see.  I'll also be using Comply tips with them, I prefer Comply's over silicone tips for sealing and comfort.
  15. Kenny Ingram

    What the bad reviews on Amazon don't seem to realize (and what MEElectronics's Customer Service always replies) is that MEElectronics has a one year warranty on virtually all of the headphones and earphones they sell. What they're saying is that they believe in what they sell, and they don't sell crap
    That's awesome, as MEElectronics have now actually partnered with Comply on their new M6 PRO IEMs. I'm told they go very well together, but I've always been partial to the triple flanges (and use them on all my MEElec stuff). [​IMG] 
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