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John Jusko

New Head-Fier
Nov 24, 2016
So, a bit of backstory. I love music, and am obsessed with the best sound I can get. I have little or no budget most of the time.
I'm obsessed with looking for the cheapest audiophile caliber stuff that I can find.
My best find has been the discontinued Able Planet NC200B headphones. They're just advertised as noise cancelling headphones, and I wanted to try out some NCs and bought a pair for abount 30 bucks before the stock ran out on amazon. When I received them, I realized the NC also included a build in amp. Without the amp on, they sound alright, but with it on the mids and highs are amazingly immersive. I did some more research, and it turns out Able Planet has a patented technology that creates high range harmonics. That said - it sounds amazing.
If anybody who read this thinks it's interesting enough to give a shot, their updated model of it is here. As far as I can tell, it's the exact same thing with a slightly redone look.

If anybody has these or the old model, or feels inspired by this to grab a pair, I would love to hear some feedback.

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