Recommendation for someone with no knowledge of headphones . . .
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Jul 6, 2009
I've been dealing with canalphones for a while now. They're okay, but I want something more high quality. I've been wanting to buy headphones, but I have no idea what to purchase. I'll really only be using them for listening to music on a portable device like an iPod. I would prefer the price to be above 100. I don't know much about audio, but I can appreciate high quality sound an don't want anything cheap.

The only thing I can say for certain is that they be closed to avoid sound leaking in and out. Another small thing is I hate the headbands going over my head, so if there is a pair that I can have going around the back of my neck without falling off, that would be nice. If that's asking for too much, then completely disregard that one thing.

Thanks for helping.
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I believe you are in the wrong forum - portable, no headband, isolation, is not a strong point of full-sized cans. I know you said you have dealt with and didn't like IEMs, but which ones have you tried and why didn't you like them? There are really great options out there that both sound great and are comfortable, and provide benefits like portability and isolation.
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I don't recall any particular models. The in-ear models, for me, were uncomfortable. I generally dislike the idea of them. The headband thing is kind of misleading; forget I mentioned it. What do you think I might be looking for if I what I'm talking about isn't in the full-size headphones area?
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You may have found them uncomfortable because they weren't designed well, and I recommend giving them another try
- These are your headphones though, and if full-sized cans are what you want, then by all means get them. My thoughts are that unless you get ANC cans (which price/SQ tends to be bad because of the ANC technology) or circumaural closed cans which may be too big, you will need to fight outside noise with your headphones, and that can cause hearing loss.

All things aside, I think what you may be looking for is something like this. They're small enough to be portable. Can't say anything about the headphones themselves, I saw a pair in the apple store and one side was damaged so I couldn't get a good listen. I also don't know how much they go for. Sorry If I'm not much of a help to you

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