Recommendation for Portable, Travel, Wired Headphones
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Oct 21, 2019

I am somewhat at a loss trying to find a quality pair of travel headphones. Something that I would use for travelling (with a mobile) and something easy to use with a mobile for listening to podcasts, music while around the home.

I prefer wired, collapsible and a carrying case would be a bonus for protection.
Size, portability and quality are my primary concerns.

I am not interested in earbuds at all.
Or, wireless unless someone can really, really convince me of this and there is something that meets my criteria and price point.

Previously, I owned a pair of Sennheiser PX 100 which are no longer made

I've been looking at the Bowers & Wilkins P3 S2, but I think that these are also discontinued. They are not on the B&W website anymore and showing currently unavailable on Amazon etc. Perhaps I waited too long to purchase.

Both of these met my criteria for quality, size, portability, case and price point (less than $200; preferably less than $150 since these would not be my primary headphones and used infrequently).

So, I am up for new suggestions :)

Thank you
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Since you seem to like the B&W house sound, you might see if you can find yourself a P5 S2. There are quite a few out there with fairly decent price-points. Might be worth looking into. The other one in your price range that entered my mind is the NAD HP50. Pretty sure it does not now ship with any kind of carrying case, but it does sound terrific and has been a popular portable option for some time. A very good value at its current pricing.
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+1 on the Meze 99’s they are not collapsing but they are not huge and the case is nice and protective. Sound good from just about anything as they are easy to drive.
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Thanks for the replies so far. The Meze look beautiful and, of course, there would be little doubt about the B&Ws.
However, these still seem above my price range and above the portability and my needs factor.
I have a set of higher-end headphones for more serious/critical listening.

The criteria for this set of headphones is something I can throw in a backpack (i.e. smallish for traveling with a mobile) and just casual home listening on a mobile to mostly podcasts where I don't need the "audiophile" factor.
Collapsible (not entirely a must-have) but it helps with the portability and less potential to damage. I don't much care whether they are noise-canceling even on an airplane.
I do not want earbuds and I am not really interested in wireless.
I do want over-ear.

I have found 2 more that are in the range of criteria and price point, though I would like to find something in-between these price points.
Unfortunately, where I live I have no way of ever testing these or other headphones, so it will be a blind - and deaf - buy.

The Koss look a little bit "low-end" and the V-MODA XS are pushing the upper limit of my price range.

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