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Recommendation for iPhone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by br41n, May 19, 2010.
  1. br41n
     After using the Apple in-ear headphones for like 2 years i've decided to switch to something better and started reading around.. 
     Found a lot of recommendations but most of them for headphones without a mic and that's a thing i would really need on mine.
     So, what would you use in my case? The more suggestions the better, thing is i live in eastern Europe and i don't have much to choose from here but i'm taking a trip to US in a week so i'll test/get them from there (if you also can recommend some shops in LA/NYC would be great :) ).
     Budget is around 200$, i'm mostly a hip-hop listener and i would use them only on the go.
    Thank you!
  2. Vergex2
    If you can stretch to $300, you MAY be able to find an Audio Technica ES-10. It would involve a lot of searching to get them new for the price, but it MAY be possible to do. They may also be attainable for that price if you buy used (check the For Sale forums here).

    ES-10s have strong, forward bass which is probably the main highlight of their sound signature for you. I love the mids and treble as well, but they will seem recessed on a bass heavy track, because of the forward nature of the bass. Driven straight out of a half decent portable media player, the bass will be tight and controlled, rather than bloated and muddy - a nice plus.

    The other advantage of ES-10s are that they are perfectly optimized for portability - 1.2 meter (4 feet) cable, terminates straight into 3.5 millimeter (1/8") connector without an adapter, and can probably be driven to almost all of their potential straight out of an iPod [or iPhone, in your case] (if they're about as good as my Cowon S9). I use them at home too as my main headphones, over HD 555s and HE-5 + EF-5 - the latter of which alone costs about $1,000, and that doesn't even include a DAC.
    The earcups WILL feel uncomfortable at first, out of the box, aggravated by the initial clamping pressure of the headband. However, constant use or the 'pillow' method (clamping ES-10s on a pillow or similar surface to stretch them out, loosening the clamping pressure on them without having to wear them yourself).
    They are already substantially more comfortable for me.

    I'll probably write a more detailed review on these headphones after significantly more ownership - out of the box they are very nice - and I wonder if they will improve with burn in?
  3. n-ster
    I suggest you get a Fiio L1 or L3 iPod LOD first and foremost. Then invest in a quality portable amp, or at least any amp (fiio E5 is cheap and has bast booster). Then get some decent headphones. I am guessing this is for portable use? I heard good things about the SRH840, or the AT M50s. Depends what you consider portable though...

  4. br41n
    Vergex2, thanks for your time but there's an issue with those headphones as i read they have no mic and that was the whole point in my request :|
    Portable for me means to have a decent size/weight as i'll use them mainly walking from home to work daily. Don't care much for style but i wouldn't like to have very big/bulky headphones on me for outdoor use daily either :)
  5. Vergex2
    Haha, I misread that part, I originally thought you did not want a mic. My mistake.

    If you can't use an external mic (assuming it is out of an iPhone, which I'm not sure supports another input for a mic), or if you aren't willing to consider one, then I'd have to warn you that headsets are often marketed towards gamers and frequently are of bad value. (ie. Sennheiser PC350) However, that definitely isn't my forte, and other kind Head-Fiers may be able to help you out more.
    However, if I recall correctly, the Beats Solo does have a mic, is within your price range, and should be relatively good for hip hop (marketed especially for it). Unfortunately, these headphones taking a lot of punishment around these parts for having abysmal build quality and very bad price/performance (paying for the brand).
  6. n-ster
    aren't there cables for the iphone to seperate mic and headphones? then you could buy an attachable mic
    I also had missed that part xD
  7. br41n
    Can't use an external mic and would be awkward anyway to do so :)
    But since the iPhone was released 3 years ago or so a lot of manufacturers started to make headphones with mic & call/volume control so the options are not limited to 'gaming' ones (short list: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/iphone_accessories/headsets?mco=MTM3NTMyNTM&s=newest )
     Sincerely i was looking at the new Beats Solo HD, they look ok, have a mic and cost 199$ but didn't want to bring the word about them here :p as i've noticed people tend to go berserk when you talk about them :)
     I know what problems people say the Beats have and that's why i'm looking for a better alternative from people with more knowledge than me in this area :)
  8. sdotfire
    You could always get the Beats by Dre Studios and order the Control-Talk cable but they are somewhat overpriced.  I've seen a set up in the For Sale forums and you could offer him $150 then get the cable from Monster Cable seperately and that would fit your budget. 
  9. sdotfire
    Or get some IEMs because that is a much better solution when paired with an iPhone for portability and they create some amazing ones these days that can match a lot of OEMs.  There are also adapters for the iPhone from a variety of sources...of the top of my head headphonesolutions.com sells one but there a lot of mic adapters out there.
  10. Sax
    Really? So u can just buy the controltalk cable from monster? That will be great if that is possible. I searched around but can't seem to be able to find a link for it...any one pls?

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