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Recommendation for earphones?( Beginner )

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  1. NewbieKiddo
    Hi, can anyone recommend a in-ear earphones for me? I normally listen to classical music and some modern day music(Those on youtube vevo.) I dun listen to metal. So any recommendation? Most probably i am able to audition and buy at this shop.
    If i do not buy from that shop ^^, i would normally buy from people who are mass ordering. Currently there are mass orders for brainwavz and westone. 
    Any recommendations? Bass for rock? 
  2. Leynar
    From Singapore? Head down to stereo or jaben if you've got time to spare. Nothing beats trying them out for yourself. We could help you to narrow the list down and providing us a budget would make it so much easier
  3. NewbieKiddo
    Yup! Definately going down when i am free. But i am just currently looking out for certain models. My budget is below 160 USD/200 SGD( around that range)
  4. tupac0306
    universal? or customized? I suggest you don't rush it. Think about it first ^^
    If you just want a earphone and disappear forever. you can just look at the reviews of top universal IEMs on this forum. And pick the one you like the most. and never come back to discuss with people again[​IMG]
    If you want to start with something cheap to begin and upgrade your earphones through time (I hope that's not the reason you joined), your wallet will hate you from now on. So if you plan to be a audiophile and stay in this forum for a long time. I say go extreme! Buy top class customized IEMs.[​IMG]
  5. NewbieKiddo
    Well its been a year or two. I still havent got any earphones costing more than 20 USD. Till now i cant really find the right one. Also, I just cant afford super exp earphones >< definately cant go more than 250 USD.
  6. Nightslayer
    You can get a lot for 250USD. The for-sale forums have good deals popping up now and then, I saw an IE8 going for AUD225 BNIB, you might want to jump on that if you're looking for value. Anyway, classical and mainstream pop? I am dumbfounded.
  7. Leynar
    If you could find them, the Radius DDMs are quite the fun sounding IEMS. My favorite for that range of IEMs, but -2 for the poor fit and the dumb straight jack. Oh and the GR-07s are getting quite alot of love from the community, so you might wanna check them out if the bass of the DDM isn't your thing. From the short audition at jaben, i recall it being pretty balanced and all-rounded
  8. NewbieKiddo
    May i know are Westone 1 and 2 good as well? Read some reviews saying westone are good for classical.....2 more weeks till i am free to go audition.
  9. Leynar
    The westone 2s are also balanced in most reviews. Never really heard the ones before. The 2's are kinda like the mini 4s
    Exams? Another 2 more weeks and my O's are here.
  10. tupac0306
    I believe westone is the way to go for classic.u need clarity, resolution and mids. IE8 might be bassy for you
  11. NewbieKiddo


    My exams start next week. If i dun do well i will retain. 2 more weeks O level higher chinese.So for now no time go audition
  12. NewbieKiddo


    Sorry what do you mean by IE8? Or did you actually meant IEM? I thought westones are IEM?
  13. tupac0306
    Ohh sorry IEMs means in ear monitors. IE8 is Sennheiser IE 8 earphone just like Westone 1 or 2. :)
  14. NewbieKiddo


    I cant afford the Sennheiser IE8. So you were saying Westone 1 or 2 is good for classical? There are Mass orders for westone which i may consider.
  15. vinland029
    i believe you can go for either the westones 2 or UE700s. the denons c510s are not bad as well. i think you might need something balanced and yet bright sounding? but yep leynar is right nothing beats trying for yourself at those stores. i've bought from both before and i believe both have really good range of equipment. the radius DDMs sound funny to me though, i'm not sure if it's a placebo effect (i knew they were dynamics and i don't really like dynamic driver sounds. other than my first metrofi, which unfortunately doesn't work any longer)
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