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Recommendation for DAC/amp for HD598

  1. skydynamics88
    hi all, 
    I've recently purchased the HD598 and i want to get a DAC/amp combo or two separate units to replace the fiio e7. I have to turn the e7 kindda high to be able to listen at good volume on the HD598 compare to the Triple fi 10. I'm thinking of getting the audioengine D1 because it has the usb and optical input. That'd be good for me cos i can use the PS3 with the D1 using the optical cable. I've also hear good thing about the schist magni and modi combo. Im using my macbook pro to listen to music. Any other suggestions are welcome.
    1. budget ~$200
    2. sound quality
    3. features
    4. size does not bother cos i'll be using it at home.
    thank you
  2. Koloth
    In my experience with the HD595 (which I believe is VERY similar to the HD598 - correct me if I'm wrong) those phones are very uncritical with regards to amplification and because they're very 'tame' in the topend they dont convey the differences in detail retrieval etc. between sources anyway. So spending 200$ in amplification for a 200$ headphone is not something I would recommend. But those are just my 2 cents.
  3. sonofpfunk
  4. Arsis
    I've said it here before but I have found the Fiio e10 Olympus to be a great match for the 598. I think the bass boost switched in is just right for them.
  5. skydynamics88
    thanks for your inputs
    @Arsis i see you have the momentum on your sig, how is it compare to the HD 598? i was thinking of getting that as my portable headphones. The 598 is great but i don't think i'd carry it around. It'd be too noisy.
  6. Arsis
    I like the momentum a lot. They are ever so slightly less detailed (call it silky as opposed to a crisp high end) but they have solid,punchy bass and they have an even frequency response. The soundstage is good and as you would expect when comparing a closed can to an open. Very well built and very comfortable on my average sized ears and noggin. If they were stolen I'd buy them again. They come with a nice, hard carry case too. Hope this helps.
  7. vegeto626
    Aune T1 is right now for $130. I would love to jump on it too, but I got me some Schiit already. 

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