Recommendation for Basshead IEM's (XB's or MEElec's or any other ?)
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Never tried the SP51, so I wouldn't be able to comment on that...sorry

TheGame21x might be able to give us some insight on this one .
I think its getting down to Mee's now.
The only ones I can comment on are the Meelec M6 and M9. The M9 hits harder than the M6, which already has a ton of bass. However the M6 has a better sound overall due to the improved driver housing.

As for the sub-bass, I *think* the M6 had a little more extension than the M9

eke2k6 , for sub bass i reckon M6 are better than M9 Noh ?
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Denon C751`s thump more than enough, pretty decent overall but they are bass monsters.
Edit: Blimey, they have gone up in price since I had them. Out of your price bracket, sorry.
Hi Everyone,
I have been checking out all sorts of IEM's and have been reading reviews since last week. Finally i have picked up some iems which best suit my needs.
I am looking for Bassheads, so far these seem to be available locally and offer good amount of Deep Bass
Sony's XB41EX
Sony's XB21EX
MEElectronics M11+
MeElectronics M9
Nusphere N700x    ---|  (not really sure if its available locally)
Radius Atomic       ---|
Radius HP-TWF11R
Sony XB41EX as the reviews say are really really bassy, and go down really deep, i havent heard them so i cant say how deep they really go.
Sony XB21EX has more controlled bass but less in quantity than xb41's
ME M11+ , these were recommended by Hydrocharged,(member at HeadFi) over the sony's , so i think these must pack some punch.
ME M9 , Reviews at headfi suggest that they are more bassy than M11+ , so it kinda had me confused.

Radius HPTWF11R are dual driver IEM's and review say they go really really low and are very nice sounding for the price, only drawback is their weird design, and kinda not suitable for outdoor use.

My main expectations from my new IEM's
I want really really deep bass with quantity and quality, im not really a fan of mid bass or anything that goes above 45 Hz
Shouldnt cost more than 75$
Dont really care if Mids are recessed, Highs should be clear enough , even if they are not sparkling im fine with it.
Im willing to use EQ if necessary to tweak Mids and Highs.
Alright folks , Which ones should i go for ? Im also open to any other recommendation if its better than these IEM's.

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why not have a look at meelec m31.

I actually did take a look at em , here is what a review at our site said
The CC51 murders the M31 in bass detail, even the lower M21 is more detailed and controlled, but the M31 bass is just fun. I expect a Head-Fi mod burning my lawn, but I don’t care—the bass is fun, and I like it. Despite my gushing about the bass, it is mostly midbass. They struggle at 35hz and lower. Then again, this is a $45 IEM, with a 9mm driver at that, so I’ll let that slide.
Seems they have bass and lots of it but they dont really do seismic bass , or am i wrong ?
It was a sort of turn off for me . so i kept em out of the loop.
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I have the Hippo VB and the bass is pretty crazy on those but they lack really good treble.  Or maybe it just seems that way since I primarily listen to Etymotic HF3's or RE0's lately.  I still go back to the Hippo's now and then just to be amazed at how boomy they are.  I prefer much more controlled bass nowadays.
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Lol! read up on the 193 IEMs compared thread on Thinksound Ts02.
Im actually thinking of putting mine on the trade/sale section. 35 shipped free worldwide or something. The paint has faded slightly.
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The SP51 is dominated by midbass but has good sub bass extension which is better than the M6 and yes, I have heard both.

If ur more of a Sub Bass person wud Sp51 serve well ? or should one go for M6 cuz its not mid bass centric ? SP51 having better sub bass extension than m6 is getting me confused

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after having the VB for a few months, i regret getting this.
seriously, don't get super bassy headphones, get just warm headphones.
cause you can eq the 'just warm headphones' to sound 'super bassy' but you can't eq 'super bassy' headphones to sound like 'just warm headphones'...
...if that makes sense..... thats why i was going to get Radius DDM but i changed my decision to the Triple Fi 10 or the slight warmer Klipsch X10
(and don't say super bassy headphones can be EQed to be more bassy, cause you wouldn't want that. Sometimes I have my EQ to 'treble booster' from 'electronic' cause i get sick of the bass)

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