Recommendation for an amp for my purposes.
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Nov 13, 2008
So I recently got a pair of M50 and a Clip+. I know that the M50 do not need an amp, but I figure why not get one if it'll improve the SQ. I'm looking to spend around $100 or less for an introductory portable amp (so far, I'm looking between the Mini^3, cmoyBB from jsdlabs, and the E7). I listen to mostly electronica music these days, and some hip hop. Trying to make the bass a bit clearer with more of a punch, while improving the overall SQ. I know getting an amp will kill the portability of the Clip+, but I only bought it for the price, and don't mind carrying something extra for better SQ. I am also looking to be buying a better amp later down the road after this one, probably in the $200-$300 range, which will probably be my permanent portable amp afterwards, which will lead to getting better cans. The less money I spend on the introductory amp, the faster I can save up for the better one. I love the M50 and how they sound right now so I don't mind waiting a while before getting the better amp, just looking to improve on it some more with the leftover money I have right now. Durability and battery are important to me too, but so long as the batteries last longer than my Clip+ playnig FLAC, it will be fine.
I am also planning on getting a pair of TF10's as a more portable solution to my rig, as wearing the M50's to class all the time is not the most ideal.
I read that the headphone out will work as a line out for the Clip+ when the volume is set to 0, but I couldn't find anywhere that actually verified this. Would the SQ be that different if I were to use the line out feature??

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