Recommendation for a DAP with low noise floor for Campfire Andromedas and Solaris
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Mar 24, 2020
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I have recently acquired a pair of andromeda and solaris for my home setting. Fell in love with them after i tried. I'm deciding for a portable player with a low noise floor for my pairs of sensitive campfire IEMs cuz I hear most DAP have not low enough noise floor for them. Hope to find help for DAP without hiss for my IEM around $500 to 1000 mark. Thanks!!
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Sony NW-WM1A 》 if you don't do streaming
Sony NW-ZX507 》 if you do spotify, qobuz, Tidal etc
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+1 on Sony .
My Andro are (surprisingly) quiet on DX160 too.
Yeah not to mention sony DAPs are very stable in the OS performance. Long battery life (22H avg on my wm1A), though I've heard that streaming battery life is not so good on the zx507 (9h avg according to reports)

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