Recommendation - Earbuds - easy to drive, isolation, silicone tips, non-wireless

  1. seag33k
    I've asked a similar question, but have refined my requirements.

    I am looking for some confortable earbuds that are:
    • Easy to drive (phone)
    • Provide good isolation
    • Use silicone tips
    • Non-Wireless
    • Build quality is important
    My budget is less than $100.

  2. serman005
    I find my IT01 with its silicone tips to have very good isolation. My ear canals are fairly small, but I am able to get a good fit without too much difficulty with the smallest tip size. Might be worth checking out. It is within budget.
  3. seag33k
    Although I like the convience of wireless, I'd prefer wired to avoid interferanace that I am experienicing.

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