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Recommend some Rockabilly please

Discussion in 'Music' started by guzziguy, Jul 14, 2007.
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  1. guzziguy
    I really love Rockabilly but have only limited knowledge of artists and recordings. What I know is Junior Brown (Down Home Chrome and The Austin Experience), Roy Orbison and Elvis. Please suggest some other artists and recordings that I should listen to.

  2. Redo
    Stray Cats!
  3. Hermitt
  4. servoled
  5. Gatticus
  6. ssportclay
    Rockabilly first happened at Sun Records.The Sun singles boxed set will get you all you need and will also include their early blues recordings.
  7. BadassBob
    Johnny Powers...hes been doing it since the 50s. My dad used to work in the studio with him and help promote him for quite awhile. He was also on Sun Records for quite a long time. Hes a close friend of the family...my family and his used to go on trips quite a bit back when I was a little bugger.
  8. Gatticus
    This thread has put me in the Rockabilly mood. Que Carl Perkins original version of Blue Suede Shoes. I have an Uncle in the UK who listens almost exclusively to Rockabilly still to this day. He collects and refurbishes old Juke Boxes, preferably with the original 45's still in them. He has a lot of Rockabilly recordings. Someone mentioned StrayCats and I agree that they did Rockabilly very well for more contemporary artists. Brian Setzer (from Stray Cats) Big Band stuff is really good too.

    trivia question: what are the Brit version of Rockabilly's called? No Brits answer please.
  9. DarkAngel
    A few years ago I explored 1950's rockabilly mainly from listening to Cramps, Stray Cats, Dave Edmunds, Rev Horton Heat etc from 1980s and wanting to go back to original guys who started it all......as said before many of biggest names played for Sun Records, although there are plenty even more extreme lesser known artists on smaller labels.

    Perhaps best to get one of the large Rhino collections, for 1960s psychedellic music the Rhino Nuggets collection is great, for 1950's rockabilly I have:


    Loud Fast and Out of Control (unfortunately not sold new anymore)

    The Rhino "rocking bones" collection mentioned above is still being sold and is the one to get new.

    Keep in mind the sound quality of many of these is not great and some will sound more like revved up country songs vs rockabilly, but still good fun.
  10. Hermitt
    Wikipedia is a wealth of cool information [​IMG] Just looking up the term Rockabilly goes way back to the roots of Country (hillbilly), some Bluegrass, some Honky Tonk. It appears that officially, the mixture of these genres starting happening in Memphis in the dressing rooms backstage of The Saturday Night Jamboree around '53-'54.

    Cool stuff I say [​IMG]
  11. bebanovich
    Check out Wayne Hancock. His style is hard to classify but Rockabilly gets thrown around a lot when describing him.
  12. BrookR1
    Mojo Nixon!!!
  13. Gatticus
    OK, no one wanted to play my silly game. I'll tell you anyway, the answer is "Teddy Boys or Teds for short". I used to have a Ted friend way back when I lived in the UK and I even had a pair of brothel creepers myself, black suede. I was far more of a glam rocker though and wore the silver boots and satin pants etc.[​IMG] They are people who are into hardcore Rockabilly and still dress that way with the greased back ducktails and all. Both Paul McCartney and Ringo Star were Teds at one time. I think Ringo still is to a degree.

  14. Gatticus
    Reading that wiki page on Rockabilly I came across the below. I've never heard this album by Neil Young. Has any of you and is it any good?

    "In 1983, legendary country rock singer Neil Young recorded a rockabilly album titled "Everybody's Rockin'". The album was not a commercial success and Young was involved in a widely publicized legal fight with Geffen Records who sued him for making a record that didn't sound "like a Neil Young record." Young made no further albums in the rockabilly style."
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