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Recommend me some modern rock music!

Discussion in 'Music' started by wind016, Aug 6, 2011.
  1. wind016
    The more I immersed myself in international music, the more I lost touch with what's new in American rock. What are some of the best rock bands today?
    Also, what are some bands that sound like an English speaking version of Nico Touches The Walls?


    Post videos please.
  2. meyameya
    Some Anberlin videos for you. They may be a little different from what you like but trying something new can be good. They are one of my fave bands :)


    Also, I'm in to VersaEmerge:

  3. wind016


    Thanks! Great band choices meyameya! I never heard them before and I'm always looking to find some new artists. I'm going to look for some of their albums. Their music reminds me of my Peavey 5150 days [​IMG]  The last band reminds me of Fireflight and Flyleaf.  Got anymore recs? Thanks again!
    Anybody else got some recommendations?
  4. meyameya
    Glad you enjoyed them :) 
    A few more I'd like to recommend would be Head Automatica

    I can't seem to find 'the razor' by head automatica in YT but they definitely have even better songs than that. But the video will at least give you a taste of what their sound.
    I'd also really like for you to check out some Envy On The Coast if you're not familiar with them. Here's a video:

    -They have unfortunately already disbanded but I believe some of them stuck together and created a new band. Anyway.....
    And last but not the least, the band in my avatar. Please give them the benefit of the doubt as they are a local band in my country and give them a listen first.  "Franco"

  5. wind016

    I listened to Head Automatica, but I couldn't get myself to like the vocals. Envy On The Coast is cool, but seems a bit Hot Topic-ish if you know what I mean.
    "Franco" was sick though. I dig their vocals.  XD
  6. meyameya
    Yeah, head automatica is an acquired taste, i din't like em at first listen =p one day my playlist got to them and i suddenly digged all their songs =p
    I believe envy on the coast's vocalist looks up to Daryl Palumbo(head automatica's vocalist - also the vocalist of glass jaw which is a huge change) and you can see Daryl's influence on his style too.
    Really glad you liked Franco though as they are what I originally wanted other people to like(my avatar is a testament to how much i like em) =p Franco is a superband(everyone in the band is in their own respective groups but got together for an album) and personally, my local music heroes =)) 
  7. wind016


    ICIC  Thanks again man. I'll look up Franco's album, though it does suck that it seems like a one time thing.
    Anyways, you or anybody else have recommendations?
  8. randerson07


    I kinda like that Franco song. Im mostly responding to subscribe to this thread..but heres a band that I like. First heard them when they opened for Stereophonics a few years back.

    Sorry the only good link I could find was from Vevo with an add. oh well, still a good song.
  9. wind016

    Cool band man! I like the deep vocals and aggressive guitar sound. Nice music video, though I'm a bit confused haha
    More recs please!
  10. wind016
    Bump up the music
  11. segiterrus

  12. Anneharp11x
    I suggest some song that i like to hear....This is a rock/metal music
    Holding On by Killinger.
    The Devil's Orchard by Opeth......
  13. wind016
    I've been loving this
    One Republic - "Good Life"

  14. 188479
    Been listening to this a lot

  15. randerson07
    I really like this tune


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