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Recommend me an IEM with a microphone

  1. Jung-ook
    Hi, I have a Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) and I want to buy an IEM for it to listen to music and make calls.
    I've looked at the Monster Turbine series and that is about it.
    I can get the Golds for $210 and the regulars for $110.
    Any other suggestions?
    EDIT: and would the Golds be a significant upgrade over the regulars?
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Some Samsung cellphone models use a different pin-out than the more common iPhone pin-out. Although they look identical on the outside, they can't be used interchangeably. You will need to do more research to find out if you can use those iPhone compatible headset or not.
  3. tan1415
    If its a galaxy S...it's not compatible with Iphone compatible headsets.
    Thats like 99.9% of all available headsets on the market.
    Samsung uses a different TRRS setup than iphone.
    As far as i know only the Sennheiser MM50 for nokia 3.5mm is compatible. I am not sure if the buttons will work though because its made for a nokia.
    Solutions if u need handsfree function:
    1) Buy a converter cable. I know meelec sells such a cable.
    2) Buy a seperate handsfree mic adapter and plug in a normal headphone in it.(I use this combination for my galaxy S with Qjays)
  4. Jung-ook
    Oh boy, this is a lot more work than I expected.
    I will be getting the iPhone this year or next year depending on its features so I will wait till then to get a hands free IEM. 

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