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Recommend me a bass heavy cIEM for gym use!

  1. aLm0sT
    So, by now I have pretty much had every IEM out there which is advertised as gym IEM and none of them have been satisfactory to me in terms of fit. For the past year I have been using the Monster iSport which sound decent but it takes ages for me to get them to stay in place. Plus, when I'm on the treadmill the eartips start to get moist and eventually the whole earpiece falls out. Everytime this happens, I have to stop, dry the tips off and reinsert the IEM which annoys the heck out of me.
    So I have decided to get a cIEM for gym use to eliminate the fit issue. I am not very familiar with lower end cIEMs so I need some advice here. 
    I mostly listen to HipHop and EDM while working out. So it should ideally be a bass heavy IEM. I'm not going to do any critical listening while working out so clarity, detail etc are all secondary. It has to pump me up and get me motivated! [​IMG]
    Looking forward to your recommendations. 
    P.S: Universal IEMs that can be reshelled into customs are fine as well. 
  2. lin0003
    I wouldn't recommend using CIEMs at the gym, you could wreck them. 
    If it's just running, you can get an over ear IEM and it should stay in. The SE215s stay in very well and they have never fallen out for me. 
  3. aLm0sT
    Well, as long as I don't take them out and reinsert them multiple times, I think I should be fine.

    I have actually considered the SE215 before but the cable turned me off. Looks quite heavy and uncomfortable. Are you using the stock cable?

    The problem is, I sweat a lot during my workouts so the eartips usually get moist very fast which causes the earpiece to slip out.
    I am thinking since a cIEM sits deeper in the ear canal, it's harder for moisture to get inside. I've read about a few people on here who use their cIEM in the gym and none of them seemed to have a problem so far.
  4. lin0003
    Yeah, the stock cable looks really thick and inflexible, but it's really not that bad. 
  5. ouchia
    just get a pair of the abyss, and work out in those.  i bet no one will ask to share machines with you.
  6. aLm0sT
    You're a funny guy.
  7. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    You could try a CIEM based on a single dynamic driver, those are less vulnerable to moisture

  8. aLm0sT
    Thanks for the info! The relatively low price certainly makes it tempting. I have never heard of this company though and google didn't help mucheither. 
    Have you dealt with them before? 
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    This is AAW's own site

    They are a new CIEM builder in Singapore. In the past they OEMed for some other CIEM brands. I'm going to sell their CIEMs but only in Hong Kong. If you are interested I could contact them and see what is the best way for you to order from them in Germany.

    Cosmic Ears also had a single dynamic CIEM but not anymore it seems.
  10. rawrster
    I just a JH5 at the gym for a while. It's pretty cheap as it's the lowest tier offering by JH Audio but still a good iem. 
  11. minhminh93
    You can take a look at MG6Pro from FutureSonics. They are one of the oldest CIEM company around with top notch build quality.
  12. aLm0sT
    I have considered them as well but at this price, I think there are better IEMs out there. Plus, they seem to be working on full capacity right now to meet the high demand for the Roxannes. So probably not the best time to order from them right now.
    Thanks, but I was thinking of spending around $400 tops. Just in case they do get damaged somehow, it won't hurt that much. [​IMG]

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