Recommend an upgrade/sidegrade to Opus #1S.
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Jan 6, 2011
Help, so after a more than a year of owning the Opus #1S I've gotten the dreaded battery draining issue and after replacing the battery I'm still having the issue. Not willing to wait for a possible update to fix this I've decided to upgrade. So what I've been looking for is a dap that focuses on 4 things; sound quality, storage capacity(atleast 400-512gb external storage), battery life and price to performance(all of these things at an affordable price of $500-$600).

I'm only willing to spend up to $600 so I know my choices are narrow. So far I've been looking at Hiby R3 Pro, R5, and R6 Pro ( my least favorite choice as I heard the battery life isn't that good), the Cowon Plenue D2( great sound and battery life, unfortunately it supposedly takes up to 128gb in external storage), and the A&K Kann for it's expandable memory up to 900gb.

If anyone can make any suggestions of a player with the same value as the Opus #1S but with a dependable battery I would really appreciate it!☺
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