Recommend a HDD based DAP
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Apr 21, 2006
I'm looking for a new portable hdd based player. I need big space for my music, I did consider the D2 and the sony's (even if flash based) but at the end of the day, it won't be enough to accommodate huge number of files. appreciate your help.
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How much space do you need? The Cowon D2+ 16GB is priced at $150, and you can get a 32GB SDHC card for $100, which creates a total of 48GB of space. If you have all lossless files, converting them to Ogg Vorbis will save you space, compared to MP3.

Are you willing to use the iPod? because they have a 120GB and 160GB variety.
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There's been a few recent threads on this, recently. Basically, you cannot get more than ~48GB in a flash based player, right now (that would be a D2+ 16GB plus a 32GB SDHC card).

For a HDD-based player, you really only have the iPod Classic / Zune available, right now (I don't count the Archos 5, as it's pretty large). If you want to go the used route, there are a number of older players -- the iRiver Hxxx series is very popular here, and can take a HDD mod to increase the disk space to 100GB+. I've also suggested the Gigabeat F Series, as I own one and have modded it to 120GB.

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