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Apr 13, 2016
I am looking to buy a DAP for my Campfire Audio Polaris and Beyerdynamic T5P Gen 2s.

I have a shortlist of three, and wondered if anyone could advise which is the best to go for? Each must be able to run Tidal, and provide good levels of amplification.

Hiby R6 Pro
IBasso DX150
Astell & Kern SR15

Any advise if greatly appreciated.
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It seems I am likely to go with the Hiby R6 Pro.
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SR15 is better imo. thats what i have and i did consider the Hiby, but i was told and i e-mailed to ask and its accurate. if anything happens to the battery on the Hiby you cannot send it to their facility to repair, it needs to be repaired at great cost in another country from one of their suppliers.

also i find A&K firmware more stable than other DAP brands (Sony is fantastic also with firmware stability).

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