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Recomended Solid State Amp & Headphone

  1. CitizenPR
    Looking For Some Good Recommendations On Where To Start.
    Looking to purchase a headphone & amplifier.
    Will consider buying used as well.
    I listen primarily to Jazz,Salsa,Soft Rock and R&B

    Current Source to be used will be
    a Pioneer PLX1000 turntable with an MC cartridge
    Phono / Pre Amp Klyne 7LX 4

    Budget up to $2k
    Will consider closed or open back cans.
    Must Be Warm With A Rock Solid Bottom End.
    No aggressive treble.

    Budget up to $2k
    No Dac
    No Tubes (did many years of them with my main 2 ch rig)
    Solid State Only
    High current

    Thank You In Advance For Your Valuable Time And Advice
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  2. AudioThief
    I will wholeheartedly recommend the Audeze LCD 2 classic.
  3. CitizenPR
    Any Amplifier suggestions?

  4. AudioThief
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  5. Audio Aficionado
    Have you considered an AV Receiver? would be a good option to use with your turntable and pre-amp.
    Or if you can find a used one (they usually go for $3,000 or more, brand new) - a Linn power amp. I used to own one (bought it second hand), although it was old - it was exceptionally good.
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  6. CitizenPR
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  7. Monsterzero
    I'd look long and hard at any of the ZMF offerings. The Aeolus,Atticus,Auteur all fit your bill. Slightly above your budget is the best of the lot IMO,the Verite.
    I have done reviews for the Aeolus and Verite,and have owned the Atticus in the past,and currently own the Auteur and Verite. Link to my reviews in signature below.
  8. serman005
    I second the ZMF thought.
  9. CitizenPR
    Will take a serious look at this line, Thank You
  10. CitizenPR
    Thank You
  11. knopi
    If Audeze I recomend LCDX creator version, it is very very well tuned (LCD2C sounds artifical to me) and clearly best offer from Audeze in my opinion from their collection. Another one HiFiMAN Edition Xv2 I would choose them over LCD becouse it is very very comfy and sound is still very quality pleasant but little different in dynamic bass but more open airy. ZMF I did not hear but from impressions here in headfi people describing them also as this type of warmer tunning.
    Headphone amp I do not know but GSX mini could be nice. But for sure you can get maybe similar level of performance for much better price, there are a lot of amps even unknown.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  12. CitizenPR
    Thank You

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