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  1. Creanaryte
    Hi everyone,

    First of all sorry for my bad english, actually i'm french :p.
    I was about to buy a sennheiser HD 4.50, but a friend introduced me to this forum.
    I need a headphone for everyday as said in the title, it means that i'll need a noise canceler as i'm always using it outdoors.

    The bluetooth is not forceful, i don't mind if it's not bluetooth, i'm focusing on the audio quality.
    Btw i can't go over 200$ (well actually 200€ but that's almost the same).
    Thank you for your advices ^^

    Ps: one thing the headphone needs to be over-ears :p
  2. Muinarc
    What kind of music do you like the most?
  3. Creanaryte
    Hello, hmmmm... well i listen to a lot of different music but i'm used to electro music. 8-bit, Glitch-hop, future bass, any kind of electronic music if it's melodic and if the bass are not too hard or exagerate.
    For example, I hate dubstep, because it's melodic for about 15 secs then goes a drop then ONLY HARD BASS for 1 min, what kind of ****ed music is that ? (i respect people who is listening to that, not their music :p)
    But don't misunderstand me, I often listen to trap music, it really depends on the sound.
    Yeah a long answer just to say I listen to all kinds of electronic music XD
  4. Muinarc
    Other than those Sennheisers you were looking at the only other noise cancelling headphones I liked were the PSB M4U and Sony 1000XM2 which are pushing your budget.
  5. Creanaryte
    If you "throw" the noise canceling, what would you think about ? (The bluetooth is not required)
  6. Grimbles
    You can pick up some decent deals on kef m500s for c. £200 in the uk at the moment (which is basically €200 these days, thanks brexit d***heads). I bought these recently and have been really impressed - dont need an amp, beautifully built and i really enjoy the warm(ish) sound.
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  7. Oscar-HiFi
    +1 on the M500's at £179, superb sounding for the price :D

    (and yes, bloody brexit is a shambles)
  8. Grimbles
    Not to hijack and politicise OP's thread but presumably brexit uncertainty is a stinker for an importer like you?

    Incidentally, i bought my m500s from a lovely bloke at hfh called steve. +1 for great service!
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  9. Oscar-HiFi
    Plus the fact I lived in Portugal for 7 and 1/2 years (I'm English) and my parents and younger brother still live there, I have personally benefitted heavily from the EU.

    But yeah as a business, falling exchange rates means prices go up inevitably, and if/when we leave more import duty will ultimately be bad for the customer :frowning2:
  10. Creanaryte
    Yeah i used the wrong word, i don't want over-hear headphone but around-hear sorry for my mistake :p
    So the m500s will not be suitable sorry ^^'
  11. Grimbles
    Do you mean iems that wrap a wire around? If so, i think shure se425 (i have, i love), brainwavz b400 (see @Brooko's review) or ultimate ears ue900s (on massdrop now) might all be worth considering.
  12. Creanaryte
    Am i really that bad in english ? xD
    I mean, the sennheiser 4.50 is a (in France we call that a "circumaural" headphone), the HD 569, the audio technica ATH-ANC70 are the kinds of headphone i'm looking for. How could you go from this to "intra-aural" ? ><'
    The kef m500's is absolutely not the same as the sennheiser, the confort is something that i'm looking for i don't want it on my hears.
    Sorry, i mean, i did not know that i can't explain myself clearly.
  13. Creanaryte
    Sorry for the repost i wanted to edit :p
  14. Grimbles
    Votre anglais est meilleur de mon francais!

    All good man, my misunderstanding!
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  15. Creanaryte
    UP ! I looked a little bit the headphones from Audio technica, and some people seem to really love it.
    I got no problem with confort, but i don't if it's the best choice regarding of the couple price/quality. And maybe it is not suitable for the music i'm listening too.
    I am a newbie i know ><', but yeah i love listening to music and look after the details so i would appreciate if u had some advices on this.
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