Reco for Portable Amp with ATH-ESW9
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Apr 4, 2007
I am pairing down everything to one portable system....

I will be receiving a pair of ATH-ESW9's and while some say they don't require
an amp others say they really shine when properly amplified.

I will be coming from the line out on an ipod and wonder what amp, say in the $200 range, would bring these alive?

I have been searching, but find no specific recommendation for the ATH-ESW9's.


P.S. No ridiculously expensive amps like the Pico or Predator, Please!
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Originally Posted by Dorito123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ibasso D2 Viper

Dorito, I didn't even know you even had ESW9s. When did you get them? Congrats.

Vaughn, I've tried a few amps and am currently using a pico, but in your price range, and actually well under, a mini^3 sounds quite good. Tomorrow I'm going to be checking out the MiniBox-E+, iBasso P2, and the Voyager along with a couple other amps. marroyo and Vorlon1 will be there, so I'll bring the ESW9s and we can see what's what.
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Originally Posted by Dorito123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Why are you attacking?

I recommend a wonderful $125 amp and say I'm willing to check out more amps with the ESW9s tomorrow. I don't understand your problem. Did I offend by saying I'm using the pico? Perhaps I should add that it's because I'm using it mostly for the dac with my computer. The mini^3 is fine with the ESW9s. I'll have it with me tomorrow as well and Miguel and Rob can give it a listen, though I think Miguel has one already.

EDIT: Well, I see you edited your post. Still, What? Why say I'm condescending and a viper? This is really getting old.

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