Recently dipped my toe into the realm of Headphones and crave more!
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Sep 7, 2015
I recently purchased AKG 553 Pro's through Massdrop and have been in love with them ever since. But the more I read about higher priced headphones, the more I want to upgrade. So I've been saving up for a while and have decided I need to splurge. My set up right now is Computer (Spotify or MusicBee for my lossless) -> Soundblaster E5 -> AKG 553 or ATH M50x. 
I tend to be a closet basshead as I mostly listen to electronic music, but I don't wanto sacrifice a great set of cans just for a little bit more oomph in the bass department. I've been looking at phones in the 200-500 dollar range. Which I have realized is the most crowded space in the market. I've been considering HifiMan 400i, HifiMan 500, Fostex TH600, and Fidelio X2. 
I live in the Sacramento area and have planned a little San Fran excursion for this weekend. Me and a friend are going to go down to the city to audtion headphones at some high end retailers. But honestly, I'm really new to the headphone game and don't really know what to look for. 
So I'm open for suggestions. Thanks for your help!
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If you can go to a hifi audio shop that has good headphones, might as well wait and see what you think.

Another headphone you might consider is the original HE-400. Still some around:
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Fostex Th-600s should probably be top of your list for your next set of headphones; plenty of bass and magical in the highs. HE-500 is close behind, but not as much bass as the TH-600's and I personally have issue with the cabling. 
Also look into the Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog, which is my 2nd favorite headphone (recently replaced by the Audioquest Nighthawk)
Not as much bass as the TH600 at stock settings, but the bass is adjustable with an included allen wrench. It's also $100 less than the TH600. 
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I don't know the TH-600, but if they're anything like the TH-900 I'd concur with giving them a shot. I'd also look at the Ultrasone PRO900 - fantastic low-end response (I once heard someone else describe them as "a voyage on a bass starship" and honestly concur with that), great imaging, comfortable, and very good with electronic music. Shouldn't be any harder to drive than your M50 or K550s either. If you don't need head-rattling bass, the Beyerdynamic T70 aren't bad with electronic music, but they're a very different presentation (more top-heavy but fast and punchy).

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