receiver headphone jack hum?
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Jul 27, 2009
I got a pair or ad700's recently and love the sound quality. However, the quality of the hphones connected to an xtremegamer is nowhere near as good as them connected to my receiver. However, the hphones "hum" when I connect them to my receiver, and they do not to this when they are hooked up to the sound card directly. This hum is constant, and does not increase with volume, and is still present even if there is no source of sound... just as long as they are connected. My computer speakers z2300 do this "hum" too when they are turned on, and so do my receiver's speakers, except the frequency seems higher so it's not really a hum as much as just noise. I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this hum that comes from the headphones when they are connected to the receiver? Do other headphones do this too when they are connected to receivers?
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This sounds like you have a bit of a ground loop somewhere. Those can be pretty annoying, and difficult to hunt down. You could try using a power conditioner that does some EMI/RFI filtering to see if that is the issue, but if it's a ground loop issue, the on;y way to solve that is to use process of elimination to find what is creating the loop and then breaking the loop there (usually by using a "cheater" plug to lift the ground.
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I've been waiting for a topic like this, since I've had the same issue (though I was afraid the question would be obvious or it was addressed earlier). My Denon DRA425 does the same thing, except I don't notice any of the hum from the speakers.

I'll have to look into Skylab's suggestions. Sounds like a PITA.

EDIT: Is this relevant?: I'd like to try it out but my receiver is 2-prong.. I have no ground prongs on any of the components connected to my powerstrip in my dorm.
Filters seem expensive..
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You probably have a ground loop. You can try plugging your receiver into different sockets if they're on a different circuit in your place.

You might also want to look into other likely culprits, like dimmer switches, fluorescent lights, AC motors, and possible radio transmissions from cordless phones, wireless routers and similar. It can be something of a pain to nail down, but give it a try.

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