Received my AD700(X)s in the mail today and a little disappointed...
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May 26, 2012
I feel that my original AD700s might have had a larger soundstage with a better sense of directionality mostly width wise. These just feel kinda flat in it's soundstage to a degree, but I feel it might have a little more depth. These newer cans aren't providing me that cool 3D holographic sound that immerses you in the music like my HA-RX900s did which kind of disappoints me.
The left wing feels slightly looser than the right wing which makes it feel a little loose or weird on the left side of my head when I put them on or it's just that the right wing has more resistance with its spring, also the earpads aren't as comfortable as the original AD700's.They are a little bit more firm and I feel like they dig into my jaw more so than the original cans; the original earpads were more comfortable as well as the wings that support the head. The clamping force compared to the originals feel a little too much, thus it feels like the cups are supporting my head rather than the wings themselves. The original cans just relax on my head whereas these feel like they're putting pressure on both sides of my head which I really don't like in full-size headphones as they can be fatiguing and give me a headache. These headphones are a step down from the last model mostly comfort wise.
I am happy with the actual sound quality; these deliver good lows, mids, and highs, but I feel like some sounds/instrumentation in the music are quieter than others within the same song.
I'm thinking about returning these or getting my money back then I might pick up the HD558s or another pair the HA-RX900s.

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