Reccomend me classical with melodies like this
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So i've always been interested in classical, but there are only a few works I've really gotten into. A lot of it kinda looses my attention, either from a lack of nice sound or grasping melody. I got some mahler symphony works and was a little dissapointed in the tone of the instruments, though I haven't sat down and digested it, it didn't grab me at first.

I listen to a lot of classical-influenced stuff and absolutely love it. So I'm looking for some recommendations that would suite me. This idea just popped into my head so I only have three clips right now:

clip 1

The first one is a doom metal band that has this amazingly sweet sounding violin solo, both with tone and in melody. I don't expect much of the speed in works but i would like the tone of the violin captured and melodies that grab you with beauty like this one.

clip 2

The second one is the ending to a prog rock song that has a similarly sweet sounding and beautiful tone, with a sad and solemn melody with nice piano backing.

clip 3

The last one is just a piano solo from another doom metal band with more classical influences than the first clip, its from an album divided into 9 chapters, with another sad melody. I guess i'm kind of attracted to the sad beauty. Also later is some short solo acoustic guitar sounding stuff i would like too.

Any recommendations welcome!!

also an alternate site to host would be helpful. please do not stream
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It's at the periphery of classical music but you might like the album Asturiana . It consists of songs from Spanish and Argentine composers arranged for viola and piano. You can listen to some clips at the link. Try Triste.

They are not classical, or metal, but I think the albums The Sea and The Sea II have a sound you would like. They're both by a group of four musicians on electric guitar, cello, piano, and drums respectively. What they play is more reasonable to call jazz than anything else, though it doesn't have jazz rhythms. The musicians have a beautiful sound together-the interaction between the electric and acoustic strings is wonderful and I think shares some aspects of the group sound in your clips. I love both of these albums and The Sea II is one of my all time favorites.Try the clips of Agnes and Mime from II.

All three of these albums so far are from the ECM label, which always has exceptional recording and production quality.

Now, getting to the core classical repertory, for something in the line of those clips, I think you should be looking at mid to late romantic violin sonatas, like Brahms or Schumann. Gidon Kremer is a violinist I think of as having a particularly sweet tone and his recordings of those works are great. Unfortunately they are only available in a large boxed set, which probably isn't the best way for a beginner to take a blind plunge.

Thus instead I recommend this $8 set of the Brahms violin sonatas, though I haven't heard it. Perlman and Ashkenazy are very good for the romantic repertory so I have no doubt the glowing reviews are correct.

Also, from what you say, you might have more luck with chamber music in general than with symphonies. In works for 1-5 instruments all of the instruments' sounds are separable so there is much more emphasis on the pure tones of instruments than in an orchestra. I think that chamber music for piano and strings, rather than just strings, might be easier to start with because there is a broader range of sound. So beyond violin sonatas, maybe you could try some piano trios. The best ones are probably those of Schubert or Beethoven. Both of those links go to great albums.
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There's way too many that fit the bill. What you are looking for is contained in the "slow" movements of most of the great composers' works. Generally the first and last movements of any piece of classical music are the "fast" movements, while the middle movements are almost always slow and beautiful. If you focus on works that are in the minor keys you get the more 'tragic' and 'sad' feeling as well. Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, all have great, great slow movements in minor-key works.
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are there good recordings of them that doesn't make the violins sound so distant? all i remember is getting stuff from the best classic cd's thread and mahler thread and was sorely disappointed in the tones. Also, from what i've heard of random works of those composers are hit or miss, i'd like specific recommendations. it just seems like theres a lot of filler as well as tones that don't do the instruments justice.
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Clip one sounds like Gypsy music: the classical examples that come to mind are Zigeunerweisen by Sarasate, the Carmen Fantasy arranged by Franz Waxman, and the Hungarian Dances by Brahms (you may look for the version for violin and piano instead of the orchestral version). Or you may look for folk music of this style.

Clip 2 and 3 is actually rather new-agey, especially 3. You may check out the recommendations at the Night-time Piano thread. Clip 2 is a slow waltz, and to me it resembles tamed Klezmer music, so you may see if the followings suit you:
Songs of My People by Simon Wynberg
Klezmer Soul and Voice of Joy by Kol Simcha

Some French classical miniatures have a similar mood as 2, try for example the album by Renaud Capucon

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