Reccomend me a some good sick/disturbing horror films.
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Jan 16, 2008
Just what it says,

im thinking about films like SAW, hostel, the descent, alien, event horizon?

i just saw texas chainsaw massacre 1 and wasnt too impressed, perhaps the acting and/or the SFX
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House on Haunted Hill, The new one they did a few years ago.
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The Grudge but NOT the american version. That one sucks.
One Missed Call also the original version.
Itchy the Killer is not really horror but groce nonetheless and awesome!
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In a non-horror vein, try Scarface. More gory than I imagined.
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The Ring (Ringu) - the American version is actually better
The Grudge (Juon) - the Japanese version is better
Audition (Odishon) - quite disturbing
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House of 1000 corpses does the trick quite well IMO

Agreed. The sequel The Devil's Rejects is also a good choice.

There's a indie film, not quite horror, called Feeder, thats quite disturbing and disgusting.

I might be in the minority, but I believe Turistas was a better film than the Saw and Hostel films.
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Originally Posted by Al4x /img/forum/go_quote.gif
anyone know what this is?

EDT, i liked devils rejects

Basically it's a horror film festival hosted by After Dark Films where 8 selected horror movies will be shown at selected theaters. One admission ticket will allow you to view any of the 8 selected movies being shown. The movies selected for the 2007 festival has just been released as a dvd set. The 2008 festival will be held at various theaters in November, more info and history in the following link:

8 Films to Die For - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Any of the Japanese horror flicks - there is just something of a fascination within that culture.

Yup, next upcoming horror flick I want to see:


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