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Reccomend me a 32gb mp3 player for $300 or less

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  1. justyourboy
    the old 4gb iPod is out of space and I would like to upgrade to something much bigger (32 should do the trick) or should I just get the iPod classic 160gb? (Will be using with JH audio JH 5 PRO's) anyways recommend me some players!
  2. oregon
    If you all you care about is audio, I would recommend spending much less.
    But if you care about features other than audio, I think the iPod Touch is head and shoulders above everything else. The new hardware is very good and the app store gives it so much capability that other devices lack, and the user interface is probably the best on the market.
  3. darknessproz
    Sansa Fuze with a 32gb SD card should do the trick.
  4. justyourboy
    Ya the new iPod touch is really nice. but it's like for 200 and something I can get 160 gigs but for the 32 touch it's like 320
  5. Confispect
    Wrong place for this but Cowon S9/J3 would be your best bet depends on what your using you player for....
  6. Oggranak
    Worth considering: Get an 8GB Sansa Clip+ and a 32GB MicroSDHC memory stick. Should cost something like $160 for 40 gigabytes, but it's really small, has some pretty decent audio quality and you can rockbox it.
  7. Guidostrunk

    +1,Also if your planing to amp your system grab an LOD and still be under budget.

  8. ljokerl Contributor

    How does one access the line out of the Sansa Clip+?
  9. Guidostrunk

    You know i started a thread on that a while ago willing to donate a Clip+ for someone to figure that out, and no takers at all. I wanted that in the worst way because at the time i had an RSA The Shadow which made the ultimate Ultra-portable rig with both the Clip+ and The Shadow being the same size. I'm still willing to make the donation of a Clip+ for LO purposes.

  10. ClieOS Contributor

    Supposedly you turn the volume to max and the signal strength will be either very close or equal to line level. In lack of a true line-out, I'll say that's probably the best choice since the AMS SoC (System-on-Chip) headphone-out is already very good and clean, which makes double amping less of a problem. However as I have discovered on Fuze (which is using the same SoC) that there the headphone-out can still sound a little different from the line-out (because headphone-out needs to function as radio antenna, plus all the resistors and caps in between). Not night and day difference, but enough for me to carry a LOD and T3D around most of the time.
  11. Trysaeder
    Anything over 2000 songs should have a good UI. I'm not saying the clip is bad, but it takes longer than I'd like in order to find something or set something up.
    Fuze>clip+ for anything above 24 gbs.
  12. darknessproz
    I totally agree with this. I even feel that the 8gb capacity on the biggest clip+ is too much when you fill it up. The screen is just too small.

  13. justyourboy
    How about if I just use my JH 5's with iPod classic 160 gb what portable amp would you recommend ? Probably would like to spend 300 or less on just the amp... remember that I'm using the JH 5 and idk how amps work (do they come with the cables needed for an iPod?... are they battery ran?)
  14. Achmedisdead


    I have both of them at that capacity, 8+16, and rockboxed, and I don't see any difference finding stuff between the two. If I ever get a 32GB card, we'll see what happens then....lol.
  15. soldiersixteen
    I got Cowon J3 two weeks ago and i am extremely happy with it. Although, i haven't been able to appreciate its music quality as i am still waiting for my earphones to arrive.
    Before i used to have Creative Zen vision W.
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