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Recabling V-Moda Vibe ii iphone earbuds, what cabling should I use?

  1. seltzered
    Hey all,
    I'm joining the "broken cable" v-moda group today, as my v-moda vibe's right channel lost connection underneath the strain relief of the ipod button.
    Before deciding to just buy a new pair of IEMs that will break again, I'm thinking about recabling them instead. Why? Because I still like having IEM's with an ipod button and a mic, so I can answer calls and talk without getting my phone out of my pocket. I have access to fine soldering tools too.
    For those unfamiliar, this is the schematic of the v-moda vibe ii's:
     TRRS |--3 lead wire----mic---2 lead wire--bud (R) 3.5mm----------4 lead wire------ipod button---| plug |--2 lead wire-----------------------bud (L) 
    Here's what I'm thinking of buying as replacements so far:
    TRRS plug: metal 4 conductor plug - $5.80 -  http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/kf-p035m4.htm
    4 lead wire: 3 feet of Mogami W2893 (26AWG) - $1.28/ft ~ $3.80/3feet - http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/t-2893.htm
    3 lead wire: What should I use?
    2 lead wire: 2 feet of Mogami superflex mini cable (31 AWG) - $0.38/ft ~ $0.76/2ft http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/t-2444.htm
    Total cost: ~10 bucks to make a quality, lightweight, iphone earbud setup. I also plan to get some comply foam
    I have no idea what to use as a mini 3-lead wire replacement. I want something insulated because I will be stuffing these into my bag daily and don't want any snags. and I still want something small. Any suggestions?
  2. edglazer
    Hey, I see this is an old thread, but wondered what you ended up doing?

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