Recabling Headphones
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Sep 9, 2007
Okay, I would like to just explain first off that I am not an audiophile, I have no soldering experience, and I don't know where to begin with recabling headphones. While I do understand that it is unorthodox to recable cheaper headphones, or in my case earbuds, the Yuin PK3 headphones I bought in spetember recently decided to make the right earbud sound hollow and far away (not sure if this would be a cable or driver issue) and all the new Yuin PK3 headphones are Y cord, however I got j cords and adapted to them and see just how much easier they are to work with so I either want to recable my broken pk3's in an attempt to see if I can fix them or buy new pk3's and recable them. I would also like to be able to put on an elbow jack as oppoed to the base one used by Yuin as my first pair the wire became exposed down there which I believe may be related to the audio issues. I do have a few pairs of slightly broken headphones which are probably just messed up due to bad cables, however what I could not seem to find was a guide on how to recable headphones and I suppose it might be nice to be linked to sources for cheap cables and decent ones (cheap for practice) as well as good elbow 1/8" jacks.

I apologize for being so stupid and I would appreciate it if people would not go telling me that there is no way I could handle such a task or anything because I have no experience as this really does seem to be the only option to obtain what I desire, and there is no way I would pay $250+ to have $50 earbuds recabled as that is just ridiculous.

One last note, I am sorry that I had to ask for a guide but the top results for my google searches only let to threads on this forum with no responses or disheartening responses, and I would just feel better being linked to a guide I know I can trust.

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thanks. I still can tell that there is a lot I do not know about recabling headphones and I understand it will not be too cheap, though still cheaper than paying to have it done.

Anyway I get the feeling that my main issue with my current earbuds is down near the audio jack, so I was wondering, how hard would be be to find a nice elbow audio jack and cut off that maybe 1" of cable and attach it to a new jack, does anyone have a nice step by step guide for this?

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