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Recabling Grado SR60i - Advice needed

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by tpman, May 5, 2012.
  1. TPman
    Basically I own a pair of Grado SR60is which started playing up, I took em apart for the hell of it, and they're now sitting on my desk without any wires.
    I figured rewiring wouldn't be beyond me so I've been perusing sites like this one to find out what I'll need and how to do it and basically I'm now more confused than ever.
    So, I would be really grateful if someone could explain exactly, step by step, how to go about rewiring these things, and what I'll need to do it.
    Alternatively, if someone has a spare cable lying around, or fancies doing it for me, and I pay them, that would be great.
    Oh and P.S. I live in the UK so if someone directs me to parts it would be useful to know where to look online as lots of places seem to be US only.
    EDIT: Oh, and to make things harder I am on a student budget so want to keep prices as low as possible - I don't want to buy crappy quality stuff, but am similarly not looking for ultra-audiophile grade stuff. Ideally I'm happy to replicate the quality of the original Grado cabling.
  2. N17

    I did this last week following the guide above. Its really quite easy, and if it doesn't make sense now it probably will once you have it all the parts in front of you. All it takes is a very small bit of skill with the soldering iron, youtube can help out greatly with that especially this video.
    If you have all the tools necessary, then just paying for parts to do this including wire and plug shouldn't cost more than $10.
  3. ostewart
    that should help... also this
    there we go, all you need to make a lovely cable
  4. TPman
    Thanks guys this all looks so helpful!
    Much respect.

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