Recabling Audio Technica ATH-AD700s - which wires go where?

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  1. ggro
    I've recabled these a couple of times before but this time I forgot to take a picture of where everything was supposed to go. I tried to solder the wires from memory but I ended up with no channel separation.

    Could someone tell me which contact points correspond to L/R/G? Alternatively, is there a way to check what's supposed to go where using a multimeter?


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  2. Feilong4
    I've modded my AD700 not too long ago and thankfully I have shots of the internal wiring!

    Left -Top right (White)
    Right - Bottom left (Red)
    Ground - Bottom right (Blue)

    I might have gotten ground and left mixed up, but I think what I said is correct.

  3. ggro
    Thanks Feilong, much appreciated!
  4. ggro
    So I tried and failed to repair these and found a few more images of how they're supposed to be soldered. It appears my headphones are missing the top left soldering point for the left speaker. Are they pretty much borked or is there still a way to fix them?

  5. Feilong4
    No, I think the images are just flipped upside down. But if you wanted to buy AD700 drivers, I am currently selling 2 of them
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