Recabling AD900X

  1. Fasterball
    Hey guys I just did my own detachable cable mod on the AD900x and I noticed that the wires inside these things are pretty cruddy. Has anyone had any experience with recabling these things? More specifically I'm wondering about how the wires get routed from the right earcup to the left and if I could fit 2 22 awg wires in there?
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  3. Fasterball
    Will try this soon - I just got some silver plated copper wire to run in there. Will post pics when I'm done and thank you.
  4. Fasterball
    so I ran into some difficulties but I'm making progress with this project - I hope to post some pictures soon. It's going to be cool.
  5. Fasterball
    Ok so I did it! This took a lot more than I expected. I did have to take apart the whole headband. So the disassembly of the ear cups with the drivers was straightforward as outlined by this guide I had to then de-solder the existing wires paying close attention to how they were soldered on the pcbs. Next I had to remove the wings to gain access to the bushing that holds the ear cups on. Those bushings were held in place by a small silver clip that launched off into the abyss when I removed it with a screwdriver. I had to contact Audio Technica to get replacement clip. Once those were removed then I could remove the ear cups and remove the wiring. This effectively broke down or disassembled the entire headset. The last difficult piece was my wires at 22 awg did not fit through the brass bushing so I had to drill it out. I wish I had a drill press for this, but I did it by hand and the metal was soft enough that I could do this. The final step was running the wire through the headband and soldering the drivers and reassembling the whole thing. Photos for this project can be seen here: - I did my own variation of the detachable cable mod.
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